Ben DeHan

Ben DeHan


tooth decaying hooks and jaw dropping live shows fuel Baltimore's pop rock sensation "American Diary". For fans of All American Rejects, The Starting Line, and Brand New


Ive stayed up half a year to compose every breath in every line. Get ready to be swept off your feet by a whirlwind of emotion, ambition, and reality of youth. Since there initial formation in March of 2005, Baltimores pop rock sensation American Diary, has established a strong and rapidly growing fan base, sold out numerous venues, released and sold over 1000 copies of their debut full length album, and toured the country. They have played with bands such as YellowCard, Mae, All Time Low, Over It, Jimmies Chicken Shack, The Scene Aesthetic, and many more. American Diarys genuine lyrics and catchy melodies combined with a jaw dropping live show has set them apart from the typical screamo/pop-punk bands that rule todays music industry. The band is planning to hit the studio this winter along side producer Paul Levitt (Over it, All Time Low) and has no intentions of slowing down. You might as well warm up to them because its impossible to take your eyes off American Diary~


Heart Attack Pact

Written By: American Diary

Sleep in, call out, we go to class but not to pass, wake up to make up lines that etch their words to every seam, you see the thing your missing is, I’m so strung out, I’m so god damn addicted, that I panic to get these words out
Swing the mic around, you’ll feel me in the crowd. Oh my god lets make a point to tear this place down. You can’t help, we can’t help, we can’t help, but get caught up in this madhouse.
I’ve stayed up half a year to compose every breathe and every line, I’m just killing time to tell a story of… sleeping rare nights, moonlit street fights, locked in my bedroom with prescriptions to musicians that no doctor recommends. I’ll die before I try to live a life that’s the slightest bit different.


"Wear It Til You Love It" LP (2006)

Set List

1. Heart Attack Pact
2. Life's Just Another Story
3. You Better Not Be Here When I Get Back
4. Something To Remember
5. Wear It Til You Love It
6. Table Manners
7. Dirty Dancing

*30-45 minute sets*