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"American Fangs EP Review"

American Fangs - American Fangs (8.2/10)
by Tyler McGinnis

When I was first given American Fangs’ self-titled EP to review, I had no idea what to expect. Having never heard the band, I could only make guesses on what they sounded like from their name, which helped me almost none. So to prepare for what I was about to listen to I decided to head over to SmartPunk and see what I could find. What I found on the presale page for the EP were comparisons of the band to bands like Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, and Every Time I Die. Needless to say I still had no idea what to expect.

After my initial listen to the EP I felt a little confused. I could remember some catchy hooks here and there, but all in all the full weight of American Fangs hadn’t hit me yet. It was a few listens later that I finally realized where the comparisons to the aforementioned bands came from, and I couldn’t believe how right these comparisons were.

With their inaugural release, the members of American Fangs deliver an eclectic mix of songs that draw from influences far and wide. Though only six songs in length it’s easy to hear allusions to many genres of music ranging from rock and pop to metal, punk, and grunge. The well-produced EP grew on me after every listen until I found myself singing its hooks hours later.

“Leukoplakia”, the EP’s opener, is a punchy introduction to the highly original blend of styles that American Fangs seems to be about. The second track, “Duke”, is filled with catchy hooks and is one of the best representations of the band as American Fangs continues to rid our minds of the idea of genre barriers. “LeKick” is another catchy one and is the perfect track to follow “Duke.”

“My Two Richards” and “Sorry” continue to diversify the band’s portfolio as they mix the now signature heavily distorted guitars with more melodic elements. These two tracks are a perfect change up for the middle of the EP and keep things fresh. The closer, "Get The Hell On”, is another punchy track much like the EP’s first track and I think it’s fitting that American Fangs ends things similar to how they began.

American Fangs offers up a sound filled with originality not heard in many bands. It’s obvious that the band isn’t afraid to incorporate many different styles into their music and this fearlessness sets it apart from many other bands. The band’s self-titled debut is filled with short but worthwhile tracks that somehow had me singing the band’s hooks long after listening. Whatever it is American Fangs is doing, the band is doing it right. -


American Fangs EP - 2009



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