American Geography

American Geography


American Geography is an intense, dynamic trio who pound their audiences into submission. They contrast a wall of sound with intricate, compelling melodies.


Evan Heggen, Mark Johnstone and Sean R. Thomas make up the epic post-rock trio American Geography. Formed in October 2005 in Victoria, BC, the group has crafted an intense and raw stage show with a unique blend of anthemic instrumentation and concise vocal melodies.

2006 saw the band recording an eponymous CDEP that they toured in support of with then guitarist Chad Munson. The band was showcased at Wavelength in Toronto and has been featured on and in Victoria's Monday Magazine.

For 2007, American Geography is planning multiple tours in support of their new CD: Dear Leader.


American Geography - CD (2006)
Dear Leader - CD (release Summer 2007)

Multiple tracks available through Myspace, and NewMusicCanada.

Set List

Our typical set consists of six to eight original songs lasting between 35 minutes to an hour. Our average song length is 6 minutes.