American Gods

American Gods

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

High-energy, absurdist cyber-metal band from Phoenix, AZ in the vein of Fear Factory, Faith No More and Strapping Young Lad. Heavy guitars mixed with dance rhythms and layered electronic synths and obscure sound bytes from popular culture. This is the next evolution of popular metal.


This is what happens when aggressive Southwestern metal collides with off-the-wall electronica. Too industrial for metalheads, too metal for rivetheads, too weird to die in obscurity. American Gods is an enigma in today's musical landscape. While informed by seminal bands such as Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, Mindless Self Indulgence and many others, American Gods blends all of it and yet produces a unique sound all unto their own.

Formed by Steven Kowalek and Chris Eckhardt in the spring of 2004, the band originated as a live duo with sequenced drums and synthesizers backing the on-stage antics of these talented performers. They were joined in Dec. 2009 by percussionist Scott Truelove to complete the band as a formidable trio often upstaging more well-known and established acts around Arizona, California and Nevada.

The band currently resides in southern Arizona and is working on a new album while working furiously to spread awareness of their brand of cyber metal across the southwestern United States and beyond. In November of 2010, American Gods were signed to Arizona entertainment label Pitball Records & Entertainment to take their performances and recordings to the next level.

The band has one full length, self-produced album EC-10, available at, iTunes and many other digital distributors. The 8 song album has filled a sparsely occupied market for music fans seeking sounds with the dystopian elements of Nine Inch Nails and Powerman 5000 combined with the fun loving attitude of Pantera and Anthrax. It has accrued positive reviews by Phoenix New Times, Amazon customers and several indie fanzines.


2006 - Year of the Hamster (3 song demo)
2009 - EC-10
Tracks freely available on our MySpace page

Set List

45 minute-1 hour sets generally include most or all material from our debut album, EC-10 with special bits thrown in for dramatic flair. We also have 2 new songs from the upcoming album along with 2 covers.

Intro - @ 3 minutes
Machina - 3:11
I Am Piss - 4:25
Mouthbreather - 4:10
Exi(s)t - 5:22
Replica (Fear Factory cover) -
Hamster Stomp! - 5:09
Prefix De - 5:57