American Gothic

American Gothic


American Gothic is a Hard-hitting Southern Metal band that incorporates both old and new styles of Metal. They leave people who have never heard them before in a complete state of shock!


Originally spawning from the vast bible-belt hell, American Gothic was formed in early 2004. Singer/Songwriter Phillip Vogler had been demoing new musical ideas with Engineer Jamie King from 2000 through 2003 with various backing musicians. Vogler also moonlighted with various underground hardcore acts and subsequent “money-makers” to stay active in the East Coast metal/rock scene. It was at this time drummer John Spencer joined to form a band that would play all the music that had been demoed. At the suggestion of Spencer, school-buddy Jason Moss tagged along for what was to be a turning point for the band.

Their rise to stardom began with their first official gig in February of 2005 promoting their 5-song EP (3,000 copies sold) at Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, North Carolina and has continued with their most recent triumphs in the Twin Cities, Minnesota (now the band’s home). Since then American Gothic has endured the best and worst of playing in a “hell-bent on success” rock n’ roll band.

Ultimately, the success of the band’s musical output, support from fans, and relentless work ethic have primed the release of their highly anticipated debut ‘’A Hodgepodge Clusterfuck of High-Anxiety Chaos’’ (due out this winter). American Gothic will continue to aggressively thrust their charismatic music, intense live shows, and iconic image upon the world until they find a vehicle suitable for complete domination…

There’s no doubt this fierce juggernaut of southern metal will be a constant on the new horizon of rock n’ roll.


EP - American Gothic
Debut Album - A Hodgepodge Clusterfuck of High Anxiety Chaos
Soon to be released!

Set List

1. Murder
2. Retrobution
3. Death Martyr
4. Don't Wait for the Fire
5. My Love
6. Stagger When I'm Drunk
7. Domination by Pantera
8. Ballad of War
9. Typical American Love
10. Veto the Man/Scar the Face of Love
11. Redneck Scumfuck Schizoid Blues
12. Title Track - A Hodgepodge Clusterfuck of High Anxiety Chaos