American Monster Band

American Monster Band


Sound incorporates several styles of music such as Jazz,Funk,Bluegrass,World Beat, Rock and roll,Soul,Reggae and R&B, all helping to create a unique sound of our own.


American Monster Band is a five peice improvisational rock group, based out of Auburn,NY. Influences vary from early jazz musicians to modern jambands, and everthing in between. The band's focus is more lyrical, with their message, rather than the typical jamband that's focus is more on the musical composition.


12 Dollar Shoes

Written By: Shawn Muldoon

Kickin a stone along a dirt road
all alone no transportation,no abode
Once in a while I catch a lift
from a friendly smile or a charitable gift
Sometimes people give me the creeps,make me wanna jump out of a moving car
I can sense when the reaper has come to reap,thats ok man I haven't got very far

12 dollar shoes
a guitar to pick the blues
never seems to stay in tune
next stop is where I'm going
life shows no signs of slowin
and I'm blessed with nothin,nothin to lose
don't know where Im going but I know Im gonna get there soon

Just got into town,bid my new friend farewell
got some money I found gonna find a motel
on a morning stroll spyed a help wanted sign
two days pay and I'm ready to roll
gonna hit that line
I could settle down, sit and watch the world go bye
just assume roam around try and find the answer to the question why



Written By: Ben Rafferty

Beatlejuice, your a star
although you look so dim in the light blue night
your my favorite,yes you are

Beatlejuice, sittin in the shadows of orion's belt
now you know how all those burned out stars that came before you must have felt

Beatlejuice, burnin in the sky so red, and the reason that nobody knows you
is cauz your dead

Beatlejuice, nobody can tell cauz your not made of the flesh and the bones,and left behind to smell

Beatlejuice, your a star
although you look so dim in the light blue night
your my favorite,by far


Written By: Leon Miller can you tell me.
that i never loved you
how can you tell me
that i never treat you right
Buts,its all right.maybe i got to find my way
And if i find the right path
maybe it will lead me back to you
please girl remember
youre holding my heart

and yes im so sorry
but ive always been there from the start

they say.every love
starts with a smile
it will grow up with a kiss
but dont you know it will always up with a tear
every love starts with a smile
it will grow up with a kiss
but,dont you know it will always end up with a tear

2.ohh please darlin
wont you reconsider this
cause it hurts so bad
and i dont want to feel the pain
i can see those teardrops
rolling down on your timeless face
just give me one more chance
maybe ill be a better man.




Set List

Two, 1hr 20m sets that consist of about 80% original music. 20% cover material that ranges from
Coltrane and Marley to Maxcreek and Govt Mule.