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Placing ambience and aesthetics ahead of tradition, the improvisations within the repertoire of goes beyond the language and form typically found in jazz. The songs' composer Tom Lubelczyk, envisioned a group that performed music that was melodically accessible to all listeners, yet substantial enough for even the most educated palette. Listeners from all over the world have commented on the uniqueness and the beauty of the music. is the most recent incarnation of the group founded by composer/bassist Tom Lubelczyk to realize his original material. The lineup, formed in spring 2003, included clarinetist Todd Brunel, pianist Tom Thorndike, and drummer Adam Sturtevant under the name The Tom Lubelczyk Quartet. Later that fall Todd Brunel left The Tom Lubelczyk Quartet to pursue a touring opportunity with another group. This led to the addition of Danish guitarist Casper Gyldensoe. The electronic instrumentation allowed the group to pursue a strong fusion influenced direction. The group performed around the greater Boston area through out 2004 and much of 2005, but took a brief hiatus that summer. It was at this time that both Adam Sturtevant and Tom Thorndike re-located to the New York City area. Faced with the prospect of either replacing the two departed members or having the band carry on a long distance relationship, Tom decided to reassess the direction of both the band and its' music. After much soul searching, Tom decided that his original vision had favored more ambience and impressionism then the group had been creating. In early 2006 Tom reconnected with Todd Brunel, and set up a session along with Casper Gyldensoe. The three realized the impressionistic potential of the music and decided to take it into the studio. They considered continuing as trio, but felt a rhythmic element would assist in driving the music, as well as allow for more improvisational freedom. After trying a few traditional drummers, they settled on Japanese percussionist Toshio Tanaka, whose unique combination of percussion instruments helped the music find the freedom it was alluding to. In May 2006 they released their debut E.P. under the name entitled “Take Back Your Music.”

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Take Back Your Music - EP 2006

Network Pacific Contemporary Jazz Sampler Vol. 2
"Lesson Song"
Network Pacific Records

TIN Records New Music Series 2007 Compilation
"Her Influence"
Will be releassed January 2007

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Set List

Over two hours of original improvisational compositions (20+ songs) with some covers.

Some Original Compositions Include:
Lesson Song
Her Influence
Grab You Shoes and Fly
Macho Business Donkey Wrestler
Vision of Blue
I Always Wanted A Sunshine Girl
Leaving And Coming Back To You
Afro Jack's Theater
Fusion Illusion

Some Covers Include:
All Wrong - Morphine
Three Libras - A Perfect Circle