Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA

ANA is a rock band from Flint, MI USA


ANA begins after a touring musician ends.

Josh Augustine was the touring bassist of the Detroit Rock & Roll/Metal band, Wilson (The Agency Group/Uppercut Management/Easy Killer Records). Doing a couple month tours with them, Josh had the opportunity to meet and speak with: Strong Management, Tim Borror of The Agency Group, Steve from Uppercut Management and many more. He knew he had limited time with the band, seeing as their permanent bassist was returning home to the US from out of the country, so ideas turned to dreams, dreams turned into... Well, reality.

Josh had a few dry months of absolutely nothing: no band, no music, no place to live, no guitar. Your typical, yet true, starving musician tale.

Being in prior projects, doing prior tours, etc., he knew this time he wanted to do it right. When the 2013 new year rolled in, both Kyle and Anthony were on board with the same mindset: Write, record, gig, gig, gig, write record and repeat, until a chord was struck.

Six songs and two months later, ANA recorded their first EP 'Salute to Solitude' with Nick Diener of The Swellers in a basement. Soon after, the band was playing local shows to promote the release of the EP both physical DIY, and online. Salute to Solitude was released with Wilson's "Full Blast Fuckery" on a partnering album release show in Grand Rapids, MI @ the Stache. ANA's punk rock style with a twist of hardcore riffs and modernized grunge, already had
people twisting their heads off with refreshing

Soon after, Jono of The Swellers told the guys they needed a second guitarist, and knew who would fit the slot perfectly. His name is Eric Gerholz. One rehearsal later, Eric was in the band and larger show opportunities began coming in: Cancer Bats, Bam Margera (Fuckface Unstoppable); more radio play was happening: 89x (88.7FM Windsor/Detroit), Banana 101.5 (Flint, MI) - ANA had the second slot out of 13, as the 'Best Song of 2013' for the rock station.

2013 was coming to an end, but the band was not; in fact, the band was more motivated than ever. Once 2014 hit, ANA instantly went into 37 Metro Studios (Rochester, MI) and recorded two fresh singles "Drop Your Weapon... And the Coffin!" & "So Long" with Nick Diener. Spring came, so did the attention and shows: Bled Fest (Fusion Shows), opening for Devour the Day, Wilson "Full Blast Fuckery" vinyl release (Magic Stick - Detroit), Buckham Alley Fest (Flint), Dirt Fest, Nothing More (Eleven Seven Music Group). At Dirt Fest, Ana had four interviews set up: Ourtunez, Banana 101.5,

The band hits the studio October 25th 2014 with Matt Dalton of 37 Studios to record the debut full length, for what entails to be an extremely refreshing, anticipated album for not only the band, but rock music junkies in general.

Fueled by influences such as Thrice, Nirvana, Pennywise, Alice In Chains, Mastadon, The Misfits, Soundgarden, Deftones & many more... ANA welcomes all degenerates to the present and future family.


I'm So Fucking Romantic

Written By: Josh Augustine

The scent of air has trapped me here. I'm pinned down with a crown. You cut and cut the king up, the key to what has made you queen. So, do what you want with me. Tape my eyes, skin my clothes. Bleed the teacher from my nose. You cut and cut, now clean up. Feed on my bleached meat, you fucking little cunt. Do what I want with you. Sounds like sincerity. You're so sincere.

Make Her Sing

Written By: Josh Augustine

I am the son of dis-owners. The son who dis-owns.
I choose my poisons so well
Adapt to self destruct.
Adapt you selfish fuck.

If I die here, an angel won't come and save me.
The flames fight the wings off of her back.
It's the only thing that makes her sing.

I am the birth of a loather.
I loath all I know.
A pathetic, apathetic single cell for your own.
I've never been lower, feeling solo.
Tell the ground I'm jumping in.

If I die here, an angel won't come and save me.
The flames fight the wings off her back.
It's the only thing that makes her sing.
Her bulimic breasts are starving me.

Lean against the wind.
Take me home.

Army Green

Written By: Josh Augustine

It's only right to be suffering, I'm allowed to.
Soldering my only prize that I'm in debt to.
What's with social anxiety?
Anxiety is socially fucking me.

It's good to know why I am here.
It's good to know, I'll be gone next year.
It's good to know why I am here.

Chewed a cigarette for some lunch, it keeps the stomach full.
Buy and sell to trade for more: loves pitiful.
Watch them point and laugh and stare.
It's all a joke until you disappear.
Isn't that what you wanted?
Hold the train so I can get on it.

Salute to solitude. Salute.
Salute to solitude. Salute.
Salute to Solitude. Some Lose.

It's good.


Written By: Josh Augustine

Fill your cups with futures ashes
Welcome death into your system
Pacing the room awaiting numbers
Cause life is a lotto

Arsenic arsenal
Love and hate you so
We're so sick of feeding, cause lab rats are needy

Under my skin seems are splitting
Bare bones
They have never looked so pretty
Cremate my history and call me "Cobain" or "Staley"

I can't say what it is I see in you.

Drop the Weapon... And the Coffin!

Written By: Josh Augustine

Remove me from the womb, or I'll dig myself out in time.
Can't you see it? The way my hearts beatin'?
It's bound to dig itself out in time.


Hey, Ana
Do what you will with me.

I've beat myself completely.
Won't you come and do it some more?
And now that I'm healing; scratching and peeling
Won't you come and open the sore

Let's burn our way out of this world.

So Long

Written By: Josh Augustine

Nothing is what it seems
Case closed. Sew up the seams.
Cause I'm just too old now
And just too worn out.

I've been singing to no one around
So I'm saying so long

Nothing, never mind angst
Cut off my nose to spite my face
Cause all I am is gone
And all I am is all that's wrong

Nothing, never mind me.


  • Salute to Solitude (2013) EP w/ live tracks
  • Kills (2014) Promo

Set List

Say You Want Me

Everyone is Comfortable in Their Own Hell

Drop Your Weapon... And the Coffin!


So Long