american rockstar

american rockstar


A powerful blend of raw, yet focused vocal and guitar-driven rock.


A linchpin of the Cleveland rock scene since the turn of the century, americanrockstar operates under one simple yet effective MO: making music that connects with its audience. The band’s knockout combination of shimmering pop hooks over raw, guitar-driven hard rock creates a vehicle for listeners to tap into their hearts and embrace the music. Known for its unforgettable performances, americanrockstar has earned a large and diverse fan base throughout Ohio and beyond.

americanrockstar’s new album, “Adapter,” (FlipSide Records) is a shining example of what the band does best. Its ten tracks, co-produced by T. Wesley McCraw and Jason McMahon, take the listener on an active/reactive journey through the mind of someone just like them: a soul searching for its own place in this crazy world; in these crazy times… someone who craves acceptance, love, forgiveness, and the struggles involved therein.

americanrockstar’s previous release, “All That’s Left is All That’s Right,” generated an overwhelming response from listeners, critics and seasoned industry professionals alike. Two weeks into its release, “Holiday” became the most requested song on WSTB (Independent, Akron/Cleveland). Within one month, “Holiday” had also become the #4 track on WDUB Internet Radio’s Top 100 Songs. The album is still a staple on college and Internet radio stations throughout the U.S. and abroad, with several tracks also in rotation on WMMS (ClearChannel, Cleveland) and K-Rock (Infinity Broadcasting, Cleveland). In addition, “Holiday”, "Hold Your Own" and “Dead to Me” also became successes on industry website, each maintaining a 4 to 5 (out of 5) star rating. “Dead to Me” currently sits at #20 on their all-time Hard Rock charts and has garnered nine additional awards.

americanrockstar’s 2000 self-titled debut made an immediate impact, with several tracks achieving noteworthy status. “Poison Summer” reached #1 and “Crusher” reached #2 on WSTB’s Top 15 Countdown. “Superhero” earned the #30 position on WSTB’s Top 100 Songs and “Crusher” became #4 on WDUB Internet Radio’s Top 100 Songs. “Okay,” “Superhero” and “Poison Summer” also received airplay on K-Rock.

Additional Accomplishments:

• Showcased at the 2002 EAT’M Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
• Showcased at the 2001 and 2004 2NMC Conferences in Nashville, TN.
• Opened for several national acts, including Trapt, Sponge, Days of the New, 30 Seconds to Mars, Veruca Salt, VAST and the Clarks.
• Regularly headlines Cleveland’s premier concert venues, including the Odeon, Peabody’s, and the Hard Rock Cafe.
• Cleveland’s two largest rock radio stations WMMS and K-Rock frequently sponsor shows and have featured the band as an on-air guest.

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American Rockstar (2000)
All That's Left is All That's Right (2004)
Adapter (2006)

Set List

Set times vary by show, depending on headliner or guidelines. Contact the band for more information.