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The music itself reminds me a bit of the better stuff from the late 80s; a bit of U2, a bit of Morrissey, quite pleasantly under-stated in its lack of screaming lyrics and over-powering guitar riffs. Why they aren't professional, I don't know. Download a couple of tracks; you won't be disappointed."-DA - DIMESTORE PRODUCTIONS

Yet another solid band to come out of Seattle! (What is it with that town anyway? Is there some sort of chemical in the water that stimulates the musical side of the brain?) Track 4, "Long Story Short", with it's upbeat sound, is a radio ready song that would be very palatable for the masses. Track 11, "A Machine"contrasts with its hard and ominous sound. Look out Live 105... -

American School of Warsaw, is planning to tour cross country in Spring 2004, and is currently booking for fall. Their energetic rhythms and hammering guitar wails and grinds are not as interesting as their lyrics, which lucky for the listener do NOT necessarily dwell on sex and teenage angst fueled by Clear Channel, but rather ASOW incorporates unique perspectives, irony, and even enlightenment in the songwriting. If their determination doesn't fail them, they are destined to go somewhere -

"Epic Indie-style arrangements make up the bulk of what American School Of Warsaw has to offer, and they're quite good at it. But where this band really excels is at taking their skill and attention to detail and muscling out a raucous pop tune (keep an ear out for "Long Story Short"). By doing this, the band is able to show they don't take themselves quite as seriously as you'd initially believe, thus putting a spin on the majority of their straight-faced repertoire. " - Tablet Magazine

American School of Warsaw! This is an exemplary EP, with five songs that each pack a raucous wallop while still carrying a seasoned melody. While ASOW's brand of driving rock falls short of "buttrock" it certainly has a metal edge that could make your head shake and your fist thrust upwards. Sean "Shonny" Moe's sinewy vocals soften the edge of the relentless drums and blaring guitars (from Tim McAnnally and David Wall, respectively). These guys win the prize for Best Rock Band of the bunch for this Go-Go around, and I think they'd seriously kick your ass live. And you'd like it.

American School of Warsaw/Shim
July 27, 2006 - The High Dive - Seattle, WA
by Katie Sauro

"Local five-piece American School of Warsaw rocked the rather large Thursday night crowd in Kane Hodder-ish fashion, complete with hard-driving guitars, heavy rhythms and a shrieking glasses-clad frontman. ASOW's grungy metal tendencies and domineering swagger are not for the faint of heart, nor the tender of ears, aspects that make for a rousing, testosterone-riddled set and they certainly delivered just that. ASOW are a very impressive band, drawing comparison not only to the aforementioned Hodder, but to local cult faves like the Ruby Doe and Schoolyard Heroes, though I must say that they are at their best when the undulated screaming is kept to a minimum. "

"...This is the way rock should be. Pure, unadulterated rock 'n roll provided by two amazing bands that, goddamn it, make you feel good to be alive. " - The Wig Fits All Heads

Principals of Combustion

Seattle is short on loud, true blue rock bands. SHIM is an exception, as is ASOW. The new disc was produced by Jack Endino. Sold yet? It's filled with loud, raunchy riffs and wailing vocals. If you've forgotten what it feels like to rock out (too many frail, skinny boys in bands these days!?), then check out this latest effort from one of Seattle's hard-rockin' darlings. - Out There Monthly

"American School Of Warsaw started the night off with a strong set that served as more than just a preview of the bands to come, but was an excellent prologue nevertheless. I thought they pulled off a great balance of heaviness and melody, and their frontman, Sean, had appropriately compelling stage presence. I'm looking forward to seeing them again." - Matt Brown of


2006 - Principals Of Combustion : 13 Track Full-Length Debut
2004 - 5 Song EP
2003 - 11 Track Demo

2005 - Rat City Rollergirls - Down and Derby! Vol. 1
2006 - Post-Grunge Compilation
2006 - KEXP "Music That Matters" Podcast #31

Airplay on Seattle FM stations KEXP, KISW, KFNK
Live in-studio performance on Seattle's KNDD "The End" 107.7 FM
Live in-studio interviews on KISW and KFNK



The core members of American School Of Warsaw (ASOW) united in 2002 out of the cinders of several Seattle groups (Six Day Affair, Infinity Pack, Schick Shadle). Before truly moving forward as a band, they were destined to spend two summers enduring the trials and tribulations of Finding A Steady Bass Player. Along the way they found laughter, tears, neon yellow thigh-high shorts, California brushfires, and one very surprised deer. In late 2004, they brainwashed their most dedicated fan into joining, and have been progressing as a cohesive musical unit ever since.

In winter 2005-2006, ASOW recorded their first proper full-length album, with the guiding hand of legendary recording master, Jack Endino. The recording and mixing sessions were held at Soundhouse Studios in Seattle, WA. Mastering was performed by Mark Guenther at Seattle Disc Mastering, and the CD was manufactured by Disc Makers of Seattle.

Titled 'Principals Of Combustion' (POC), the self-released album showcases the diverse songwriting approach employed by ASOW. The songs vary distinctly from track to track, yet flow together seamlessly to create a complete listening experience. The experience of recording with Mr. Endino was invaluable to the members of ASOW, and they plan on recording their next album with him as well.

ASOW spent much of 2006 supporting POC around the Puget Sound area and, with the recent acquisition of a touring van, they anticipate reaching out across the Pacific coast and Rocky Mountain West to continue promotion of the album as well as newer material. ASOW is also making preparations to enter the studio again in late 2007.