Americans in France

Americans in France

 Carrboro, North Carolina, USA

Americans in France are an art-damaged three piece rock-and-roll coup. They have been creating their unique repertoire from a secluded rustic headquarters outside of Chapel Hill, NC for almost five years. They have toured extensively and will continue to do so behind their forthcoming second LP.


Americans in France are a three piece rock group based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The band is made up of core members Casey Cook (drums, vocals, songs) Josh Lajoie (guitar, vocals, songs) and Kent Howard (bass, b. vocals).

AIF took shape in the summer of 2007 when Casey and Kent met Josh at a bar. They casually mentioned that they had started a band and were looking for a guitarist. Josh, who considered himself more of a drummer, exaggerated his guitar skills because in his own words, "the drummer was a total babe." An instant chemistry was struck up between the three. Josh and Casey quickly developed a collaborative process, finding themselves able to complete each other's songs. They both took up lead vocals. Sometimes this resulted in a shared harmony, at other times it created a layered contrast. Each member brought a unique approach to their instrument or voice, and the sound of the band grew organically.

They rehearsed obsessively for a year before finally playing their first show. People around Chapel Hill had been hearing about this mysterious band for months so there was a lot of anticipation. The hard work paid off as show after show, AIF genuinely blew people away with their bizarre melding of punk and prog. The songs seemed to have endless changes and the lyrics were over the top. Some shows became pageants, complete with friends in Godzilla costumes interrupting the set and smashing fake buildings. Their lyrics tended to confound with subject matter as disparate as the trials and tribulations of "Brandgelina" to fantasies of the expatriation implicit in the band's name.

In the spring of 2008 the trio set up shop in their secluded "Pond House" several miles outside of town and away from day to day distractions. Their debut full length Pretzelvania was tracked in a mere two days on an old 1/2 inch 8 track machine borrowed from Polvo's Ash Bowie and committed to tape by veteran engineer and producer, Brian Paulson. The record was released in May of 2009 on Chapel Hill label Odessa Records.

Since then Americans in France have toured the U.S. several times and recently finished work on their second full length. It was recorded at Sound Of Music studios in Richmond, VA with producer John Morand. Staying true to their rigorous artistic aesthetic, the band eschewed modern recording techniques in favor of a completely analog process. The result is a gorgeous, varied and powerful record that builds on its predecessor while venturing into new sonic territories.


Pretzelvania LP 2009
Jump Into the Danger LP 2010

Set List

Success can suck itself
Shopping Cart
Nose Job
Liking You
Mkelle Mbembe
Warrior Warning
Little Wolf