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"American Sugar's CD Release"

Sunday June 22, 2008
American Sugar's CD Release

American Sugar's album will release this weekend! Get ready for their shows at Just1More Blues Bar Fri. June 27th and the Tavern on Fri. June 28th. We are very proud of their album mastered by Darko Velichkovski who did an amazing job bringing out the essence of every instrument and vocal arrangement!

The sounds coming out of the album are mind blowing and the lyrics are a wonderful display of exposing the under belly of American culture in the most raw sense of the imagination. Miss Sugar, lead singer, has mastered the art of creating infectious vocals while adding the occasional growl to add power behind her message. The instruments coming from Brother Bobby, Terry Paul, and Sir Nhoj can best be explained as the most intense, original, colorful and amazingly organized time measures possible.

These guys are politically slanted in every way and demand the attention of anyone who can appreciate what they have to say while enjoying classic, original, dark, rock music at its best! Check them out and look for their release show soon!

Nikki Criddle - South City Records

"Home Grown Music from the South at its Best!!"

author: Dreebsphotography

These guys are amazing! I have been waiting for something like this for some time now. The vocals are out of this world! The music is unpredictable and smart, heavy and light, intelligent and Hard Core! - CD baby


Debut Album: Dead Measures
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American Sugar performed their very first show on July 13, 2007 at The Thirsty Hippo in Hattiesburg, MS. The band was formed by Bro. Bobby and Miss Sugar who then sought out the other members for the band. At the time of the first show, the drummer was an old friend, Bobby Blackledge, and the bassist was Gary Williams. In September of that year, Gary Williams moved to drums and Derek Davis became the new bassist for the band. However, after scheduling conflicts arose, Derek was replaced on bass by Terry Laurent. In January of 2008, following a mental breakdown, Gary quit the band and severed all contact. Luckily, the very next month, Bro. Bobby answered an ad for a drummer and found Sir Nhoj. Sir Nhoj quickly became an essential element in the American Sugar sound. The band began to experience some success as they made their way through venue after venue in the surrounding area while simultaneously recording an album in a home studio created by Bro. Bobby. In May of 2008, the band signed a record contract with local South City Records who would master the album and reproduce it for sale. A month after signing the contract, Terry Laurent decided to quit the music life for good, and once again, Bro Bobby and Miss Sugar found themselves with a new line up change. The current members of American Sugar are Bro. Bobby, Miss Sugar Sir Nhoj and Reverend Hayes.
The American Sugar sound is an eclectic influence of styles. Brother Bobby is influenced by the classic rock sounds and the thick guitar tones of the seventies, early eighties punk, and the nineties grunge rock. Miss Sugar's very unique style arose from years of performing gospel in church, classical training during her college years and some influence from the Tampa Death Metal scene. Sir Nhoj is heavily influenced by the Progressive Rock, Funk and Acid Jazz sounds from his youth in the Philippines. Odd time signatures and tempo changes with catchy melodies and harmonies are essential to the sound of the band.
American Sugar's lyrical content deals with the problems in American society both politically and culturally. The message that the band hopes to promote includes exposing hypocrisy within the political parties, the media and organized religion.