American Syndrome

American Syndrome


We have a unique blend of music. We make the acoustic guitar rock harder than you've ever heard and added our heavy rhythm section. Somewhere between Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, you'll find us. We don't get too drunk to play - we show up early for our shows, and we're always trying to get better!!


The first time we played for a crowd we had the cops called on us within 15 minutes for being too loud. It didn't help that we were playing outside in a neighborhood, but it drives home the point that even with our lead guitar being acoustic; we're going to stand out/we're going to be loud!

A major player in getting our sound is actually just a simple volume pedal. When running the acoustic guitar through a volume pedal it suddenly gets a much hotter sound that resembles an electric guitar. This allows getting a unique mixture of acoustic and electric guitar sounds with just one guitar, and one player.

But it doesn't start or end there. Our different musical influences play a huge part in the music we make. Matt Wildridge is a huge Bob Dylan fan, but has truly expanded his list of influences to Skip James, The Who, Hank Williams, John Lennon, and most recently the White Stripes. Eric Brock was more influenced by Emerson Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. Will Booker was influenced by Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Hed Pe, Sublime, and Tool.

"American Syndrome makes the acoustic guitar rock and they make it rock hard. With an occasional electric part here and there, their whole sound seems to come from a rootsy, acoustic guitar background. The lead vocalist/lead guitarist sings in a no non-sense, fast punk-esque kind of manner making their songs energetic and soulful. Add a very tight, creative rhythm section to the mix and you have American Syndrome. When you go to one of their shows you know their from southern Indiana because they always come to get down. Get down with the American Syndrome!"
-Elliot D.

This quote really sums us up best, and it's by the best person you can ask -- one of our fans!


Morning Time

Written By: American Syndrome

Love me, wake me in the morning time, I'll open up my eyes and let the sun shine, Your lightness, brightness, meaning to my life,
When I wake to see you shine brighter than the sun behind,
Wake me, in the morning time...

Chorus: But it's just a dream, It's not for me - it's not what I get - it's not what I get...

Waking up long after the sun has rised - and there is no girl sleeping by my side, It's no longer morning time,

Bridge: If only I could go on, sleeping, If only I could go on - dreaming...

Chorus: But it's just a dream, It's not for me - it's not what I get - it's not what I get,

So what's for me, what could if be, what do I get?
Love me, wake me, in the morning time...
Love me, wake me, in the morning time...

Forgotten Fruit

Written By: American Syndrome

Nobody eats the fruit from the mulberry tree, It just falls to the root where it decays slowly

Its forgotten fruit, it lays at the root, forgotten fruit

Out from under any eye, and only seen by the sky, time passes by

On the ground it turns ripe, but it just doesnt seem right, to the hungry passing by

Its forgotten fruit, it lays at the root, forgotten fruit

Soon they'll all fall away, then they'll decay, and bring forth more trees

Then again in the spring when the fruits ripening, it'll start to fall from the trees

Its forgotten fruit, it lays at the root, forgotten fruit

Though the birds they find the time, to dine on this lowly fruit

And the squirles they dont mind, this fruit they find, that lays at the root

Its forgotten fruit, it lays at the root, forgotten fruit

Nobody eats the fruit from the mulberry tree, it just falls to the root where it decays slowly...

Looking Through Clouds

Written By: American Syndrome

For you some reason the sun dont shine, yet you just say your feeling fine, but you know you really dont and you think youre about to choke

And I just hope that you can cope, with the feel that they deal and you know that its real, but its not - you just got caught

In the game that they play, so they all can be the same, and if youre not then your to blame, for their insecurities upon their frail realities

Its not to late for your sun to shine, if you stop pretending to be blind, or just keep on looking down, and live your life off of the ground

So just look up above the cusp, and youll see what I mean, I'm not just painting a scene, cause its the truth if you only knew

That all you need is yourself and, you cant depend on no one else, but its okay to look for help, in a world thats upside down you have to take a look around

If you want your sun to shine then you can't pay them any mind, cause its all up to you, with your life just what you do, so just push through I know its hard to do, and you may bleed but you need to push through and succeed, to be a man - I don't give a damn

If you just want to up and quit, you just best go ahead forget, about you being weak and shit, cause you got to keep yourself together, or it all just falls away...


Our current recordings are from a LIVE radio show on WFHB that is called "Local Live" and hosts local and regional bands.

However, we are also currently working on our first album called "Putting Together the Pieces" that is being recorded at Farm Fresh Studio's by Jacob Belser (Indiana University)

Set List

We have played sets ranging from 45 min to 3 hours. However on most occasions we are performing a 50min/1 hour set of our upcoming album.

All of these are originals, and to the best of my knowledge their "genre's"...

Spillway Blues
Country Cruising
Remember When
Hot Damn Day
Find My Way USA
No Joke Sally
Blue Weekend
Riverside (Waiting)
Country Boy Blues
Where's My Baby

God's Sorrows
Behind The Sun
God Only Knows
Misguided, Rough
The Bell Rings True
Slow Down
Get Home Before I Grow Old
Why Am I So Alone
Where Are You Going
End Of Night
Life Goes On
Bus To Chicago

Don't Tell Me How to Live
Looking Through Clouds
What Could Be
To Climb A Hill
I'm Gone

Morning Time
Dream Of Me My Love
Mystic Indiana Night
Gladiator Of Love
How Time It Fly's
Lonesome Road
Forgotten Fruit
Pretty Little House
Never Be
Open Your Eyes

We wi