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American Zen featuring The Hippy Coyote


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"CD "LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind" PreRelease Review by Talent Agent"

I was so psyched when I first heard it.

American Zen combines the best elements of the Doors, Talking Heads, 80s British rock, Rocky Horror, Barenaked Ladies, and Meatloaf. Which is not to say that the music is derivative. It is clearly his own thing, but the (perceived) influences come through nicely. Like looking at a painting, and seeing both the artist and the history of art in it.

My favorite tracks are:
1. Peace of Mind #2: I really like this track. Reminds me a little of the Doors.

2. You've Been Sold: I just love the lyrics and the music on this one. My favorite stoner track as I just get into a trance with the music!

3. Free the Change: I get lost in it and rock out. Awesome playing.

4. Trust Me: Fun, fun, fun! Who wouldn't love this?

5. Simple Lady: Really nice contrast to the other songs. I totally love this sad and mellow song. I get lost in it. Probably my favorite of all.

6. All Screwed Up: Solid, good song. Great hook.

Even on the cuts where I do not respond as strongly to the lyrics, the music is awesome, like the guitar solo on Black Of Night, and all the guitar on Whose Heaven is This?

As for the poems, well, I always prefer to read poetry so they were not quite my cup of tea....

Thanks so much for introducing me to this work.

Ben Garcia,
May 25, 2004 - Shaolin Communications



“It’s awesome.”
Victor Flores, record producer, ATM Music

“Indescribable music!”
Teen fan. (I would have preferred a description.)

“Psychedelic Folk Rock.”
Ed The Head, hip hop artist - Fans & Friends

"An Album for the Ages"

by MysticEssence

The Coyote has really put together something special here. While he may not have achieved world fame quite yet, he is a master poet, and probably the greatest flutist of all time, as he claims.

Standout tracks:
Great Salt Lake
Land of Mediocrity
33 Bass Players
Loyalty poem
The End The Horizon

Hear it, love it, and then hear it again. I promise you will love it. It is up there with PET SOUNDS and BORN TO RUN when it comes to sheer production, but the Coyote's deep music and touching poetry goes beyond anything The Beatles or The Beach Boys ever wrote. AMERICAN ZEN!!! - iTunes

"Fantastic Record, Top 10 of the New Millenia!"

by MysticEssence

American Zen have made what is probably the best album of the new millenia. Every song/poem is filled with love, tenderness, honesty, care, and love. You can tell Richard O'Connor (AKA The Coyote) really put his heart and guts into this, and Level 1 shows it! I've turned 28 friends onto American Zen and The Coyote, and you should too! I got this at Amoeba music in the clearance section, but just because American Zen choses to live in a garbage can doesn't mean they should be thrown out with the trash!

Standout tracks:
Peace Of Mind #2
Whose Heaven Is This
All S(%$#'d Up
A Long Way Home
Get Out Of My Dream
When Children Are Unwanted
Nurturing Your Life
Spring Rain
It's tough...

Clearly, American Zen is the best! Buy this album now! You won't regret it, and you'll have a new Peace Of Mind! Thank you The Coyote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - iTunes / American Zen / LEVEL 1 =


2008: CD: LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
2008: NOVEL: Sid's Place
2007: PODCAST SERIES: American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast - LEVEL 2 (New shows released each Friday!)
2007: POETRY BOOK: Autumn Flavours
2007: CD: LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
2006: POETRY BOOK: Utah Phase 1
2006: PODCAST SERIES: American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast - LEVEL 1 (20 podcasts - series completed)
2005: CD: LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind



LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME comprises several love stories, but most of the poetry is about a love affair Coyote had after moving to California from Utah. Recorded quickly with Coyote writing all the songs, playing all the instruments, and singing all the vocals, this album is Coyote's rock'n'roll album with boogey-woogie, surf guitars, and some amazing poetry.

LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER is the second album from American Zen. Still stuck in Republican Utah, Coyote becomes a Pipe Carrier of the Lakota Sioux and creates a new religion for the disenfranchised Mormons of Salt Lake City, an internet Buddhist church called the Shaolin Zen CyberTemple.

LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND tells the true stories of Coyote's battle with the MORMONS of Salt Lake City, Utah. Lured to Utah by a cute blonde girl, Coyote awakens in the Great Salt Lake washed ashore with the excommunicated sinners of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Prior to his Utah migration, Coyote graduated UCLA Film School in 1987, and worked in the motion picture business until 1991.

Drums 2006 - current
Flute 1976 - current
Hammond Organ 1974 - 1976
Acoustic Guitar 1973 - current
Harmonica 1972 - 1974
Bass Guitar 1971 - current
Opera Voice 1970 - 1971
Electric Guitar 1967 - current
Orchestral Trombone 1962-1967
Classical Piano 1959-1962.

The Hippy Coyote was born in Pacific Beach, California, deported to Canada, graduated High School at Prince Of Wales Collegiate, lived on a boat in Newfoundland, and hitchhiked North America from coast to coast and Vancouver to Baja Mexico...always carrying a guitar, a flute, or at least a harmonica to perform for his meal or crash a party to jam with the band.

Coyote is the Folk Rock Troubadour.

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