Tom Marshall is known as Phish’s primary lyricist. Now that Phish is taking a break, Tom's band AMFIBIAN is releasing its 3rd album on June 16th 2007, entitled Skip the Goodbyes. With co-writer and guitarist Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors, Lenny Kravitz), the band is Beatlesy, Phishy, Stonesy rock.


Amfibian is led by longtime Phish lyricist Tom Marshall and guitarist, Anthony Krizan who has played with Jimi Hendrix bassist Noel Redding, the Spin Doctors and Lenny Kravitz. Best known for his legendary partnership with Trey Anastasio, Marshall has also forged his own songwriting path with the continuing evolution of the New Jersey quintet. The band released a debut album Amfibian Tales in 2000, toured extensively throughout the East Coast and released 2004’s From the Ether which served to foreshadow the strong chemistry between Marshall and Krizan. The current Amfibian lineup includes John Korba on keyboards with a rhythm section of John and Kevin Hummel. The band spent most of 2006 recording their latest release, Skip the Goodbyes in Krizan’s Sonic Boom Studios in Raritan, New Jersey. After a half decade of shifting lineups, Amfibian has finally found the right blend, recording a dynamic classic rock album with lyrical wit, Beatlesque nods, hard rock hallmarks and, yes, a song or two that kick out the jams. The work features some of Marshall’s most eloquent and well-crafted songs to date matched with the hard edge of Krizan’s seasoned songwriting. Anastasio also adds a warm guitar passage to the title track while echoing the sentiment of Marshall’s poignant lyric. The much anticipated Skip the Goodbyes is due for release in June 2007 by Relix Records with a tour to follow in the summer and fall.


Skipping Stones

Written By: Tom Marshall

I can't move when I'm too close to you

I can hardly breathe

weekly contact's tolerated though

that's not guaranteed

because we're alone

we're all alone

in the ether fleas upon a stone

I hear a voice

from the deep

but maybe you're just talking in your sleep

look this way and you might see a man

far beyond your reach

or look away instead to see yourself

sunning on the beach

I'm wrecking homes

I'm breaking bones

but you think I'm just somewhere skipping stones

I can hear gods in the deep

but you think I'm just upstairs counting sheep

suddenly I'm drawn into the currents of the air

far above the safety of the cave

I see you down there in the ocean looking up at me

silent for a moment on an ever growing wave

look this way and you might see a man

closer now at last

mustn't stare but he is smiling

don't look away too fast

you know we're alone on a stone

that someone somewhere has picked up and thrown

a comforting voice from the deep

somewhere someone's waiting
for secrets you're relating

someone else is listening when you're talking in your sleep

See You in Sydney

Written By: Tom Marshall

I lost control entirely

and took your soul in its entirety

you wouldn't wait an eternity

you'll come around eventually

you didn't heed a word from me

you didn't need diplomacy

you kept my fears away from me

you'll come around eventually

you said it would never last

if you want to talk then call me fast

can you reach me on the satellite

'cause I'm already in Sydney tonight

and when I heard I told you so

there was a word I didn't know

there was a frown I didn't see

you'll come around eventually

I'll be there when your worlds unwind

and I'll bear your cross and drink your wine

you know I'll get on the overnight

'cause you're already in Sydney tonight


Written By: Tom Marshall

I don't have anyplace to go

I'm moving fast it feels slow

I fell in love again last week

I saw her face and couldn't speak

she soothed me with her simple smile

I stood there breathless for a while

forgetting all my former pain

and I have yet to learn her name

anything you need anything at all

I'll be sure to have all my provisions when you call

I can read the words I can see them all

back when there was writing on the wall

she healed in ways she couldn't know

she quenched my thirst with melted snow

replacing memories with thoughts

I hadn't known that I'd forgot

and when we finally met at last

I moved too slow it went too fast

it went so fast I couldn't speak

these are my first words since that week


Amfibian Tales 2000
From the Ether 2004
Skip the Goodbyes 2007

Set List

Original Songs on our current play list include:

1. Sheep
2. Bystander
3. Skip the Goodbyes
4. See You in Sydney
5. Pieces
6. High Watermark
7. Teresa
8. Skipping Stones
9. Memory of Your Smile
10. Graffiti
11. Lonely and Low
12. Thunderclap
13. Nothing New
14. Atlantis
15. 13 Days
16. Sometimes
17. Blood On The Cactus
18. Isolate
19. Lambertville
20. Storm
21. Distortion

Some Cover Songs that we have played in the past include but are not limited to:

Tennessee Jed - The Grateful Dead
Spanish Moon - Little Feat
I Got A Feeling - The Beatles
Happy - The Rolling Stones
And Your Bird Can Sing - The Beatles
Eminence Front - The Who
My Old School - Steely Dan
Gumbo - Phish
Theme From the Bottom - Phish
Meat - Phish
Back on the Train - Phish

We are able to play anywhere from 40min to 3 hour sets