Amidd Shariff & Rabie Bellydancers

Amidd Shariff & Rabie Bellydancers

 Miami, Florida, USA

Hello, my name is Amidd Shariff professional dancer and instructor of Bellydance and Tribal Fusion. My big dream is to take my beautiful dance around the world and make your business or place of entertainment, a totally special and different from others.


Amidd Shariff, a talented young woman of Lebanese descent, born in the island of enchantment Puerto Rico, on March 22, 1992.

 Professional dancer of Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Arab, American Cabaret, Tribal Fusion and Gothic Belly Dance. Also director, instructor and choreographer of her own bellydancers group "Rabie Bellydancers" ,and her own bellydance studio..

 This young, began studying belly dance at her six years old, since then, has worked year after year, to practice and study, every detail, every posture and each of the different aspects of these spectacular dances , with great care, passion and dedication, workshops and schools in different local and international professionals as: Mireya Yamilet Lam and much others. For in this way to give her students and colleagues, better education about them.

Amidd has performed in various activities such as weddings, birthdays, conventions as: Kaisen and Designer Fest, TV show "Locas de ATAR" Univision Puerto Rico, coorporatives activities, talent shows, graduations and honor rolls, open houses, openings , Bar & Grill's, shopping centers, humanitarian and school activities, cafe theaters, hotels like: Gran Melia, Best Western, arabic restaurants as Al Salam, Tantra, Jerusalem and the Tierra Santa, other restaurants as: Bangkok, Hard Rock Cafe, Paladar Boricua,Taberna Opa (Miami), among many other activities and places ...

Amidd besides belly dances, has also practiced yoga and Pilates. She has also studied other aspects of art and music as, acting, modeling, piano, guitar and singing. This young, apart from all these talents, also prefer professional makeup and the world of design and fashion, studied design with one of the most recognized designers of Puerto Rico'''' Lisa Thon". Despite his young age, Amidd has shown a great capacity for them and above all a high level of maturity and responsability, main elements of professionalism.



Set List

Amidd Shariff offers you a four different shows, so that you have the opportunity to select the one that more be adjusted to your budget and your activity.

A: Espectacle of 7 minutes- In this show, the artist will perform one set of 2 choreographies , that you can select 1 with your favorite prop.

B: Espectacle of 15 minutes = In this show the artist will perform one set of 4 choreographies, that you can select 3 with your favorites props.

C: Espectacle of 30 minutes = In this show the artist will perform two sets of 4 choreographies each one, which does a total of 8 choreographies, that you can select
6 with your favorites props.

D: Es pectacle of 1 hour = In this show the artist will perform 4 sets of 4 choreographies each one, which does a total of 16 choreograph, that you can select 14 with your favorites props.

Choreographies available for shows:
*Veil, double veil, 7 veils or 9 veils.
*Sword, double sword or fire sword.
*Cane or doub