A Midnight Tragedy

A Midnight Tragedy

 Kearny, New Jersey, USA

If you are a fan of The Misfits, Aiden, My Chemical Romance and other rock bands to that nature, then you will love A Midnight Tragedy. Mixing Goth influenced punk rock with Mozart driven orchestration the sound is unique without being painfully different.


A Midnight Tragedy is a five piece rock band from Kearny, New Jersey formed by vocalist Dallas Sanchez and drummer Dan Mennella in the winter of 2005.  Bassist John Leonti joined the lineup in 2006 and the band went on to release their first self-titled 3 song EP which would take them to the main stage at 2007 The Starland Ballroom Summer Campout Music Festival and the 2007 New Jersey leg of Van’s Warped Tour.  Following a successful tour, AMT parted ways with guitarist and founding member Chris “River” Rivera.  River was then replaced by Ryan Sinisi.  

AMT self-released their first full length album, titled Reinventing The End, mastered by Justin Schturtz of Sterling Sound in 2008.  With a hard-hitting sound and melodic sing-along choruses reminiscent of My Chemical Romance and AFI, Reinventing The End received much positive local acclaim.  Over the next two years, AMT went on to perform at Bamboozle, opened up for Good Charlotte and Metro Station at Six Flags Great Adventure summer festival, took the main stage at the Big Giant Extravaganza Rock Festival and headlined a benefit show for Cancer Research in Salem, OH in addition to a self-funded East Coast tour to promote the album.  The band was featured on a number of local college radio stations and local publications and later signed with Brooklyn-based indie record label, Stitched Up Records. As a result, AMT was featured on the label’s Warped Tour Compilation album distributed locally that same year. It was no surprise, then that AMT rose steadily and ranked as one of the top 20 punk rock bands in the world and top 10 NJ bands on MySpace’s music charts in 2009.

In 2010, AMT once again saw some changes in their line-up.  Guitarist Ryan Sinisi left the band and it was then that long-time friend and former member of Dallas and Dan’s earlier band, Esteban Pastor slid seamlessly into their ranks.  Energized by their local and regional success, AMT returned to the studio to record what would become their second full-length self-released album titled I Tried To Make You Immortal, You Tried To Make Me a KILLER, produced by Wil Francis of Aiden and William Control (Victory Records).  

After many years together and the recording of their second album, keyboardist and founding member Dave Boyes, left the band. In the summer of 2013 the band would pick up Valerie Maniscalco as a backing vocalist leaving the band with what would be it’s final and current line-up.  

I Tried to Make You Immortal, You Tried To Make Me A KILLER, created some buzz locally and the band was featured in various local interviews and appeared in the June issue of Alternative Press magazine and Warped Magazine.  AMT co-headlined a show with William Control in Montclair, New Jersey, went on to tour locally and throughout New England in 2012 in support of their new album and performed at a Bamboozle Alumni show at The Stone Pony and closed off the year with a performance at Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest in October.

2013 saw A Midnight Tragedy back in the studio for a third full-length album, recorded at Westfall Recording Company in Farmingdalle, New York and signed on with indie label and management firm, Rock Ridge Music.  Despite their busy studio schedules, AMT continued to play to small local audiences and a number of high profile gigs throughout the year as an opening band for New Years Day and Otep at the Stanhope House, Vampires Everywhere and Wednesday 13 at The Studio at Webster Hall and The Misfits at the Starland Ballroom.  AMT’s dedication and prominent online presence worldwide earned them a spot on Reverbnation’s Top 40 Rock Charts.  

Their third studio album titled, Lost Under Infinite Sorrow, produced by Anthony Santo of Westfall Recording Company, was released August 2014.  The band has been performing everywhere winning over new audiences every night, in the process they have also begun preproduction on their 4th record due out sometime in 2016.


Reinventing The End

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

It's hard to believe/ you did this to me/ you did this to us/ why did you have to go away/ away from me// It's hard to accept/ how you got up and left/ I don't understand it/ what have I done to you// Was it something I did/ maybe something I said/ I can't explain it/ I just can't take it/ honey I need to get into your head/ why won't you let me in// I can't take this aggravation/ I'm through asking you questions/ I'm done with all of this frustration/ so please just stay away from me// You've left me no choice/ I'm losing my voice/ trying to keep you/ trying to get you to stay/ with me/ but I'm losing my faith/ I'm losing my strength/ losing the will/ losing my love for you/ I don't love you/ no more// Because of those things you did/ all those bad things you said/ I can't explain it I just can't take it/ honey I need to get you out of my head/ why did I let you in// I don't love you/ I won't deal with you/ I won't endure the pain you bring/ stay out/ of my life/ stay out/ just go away/ stay out/ stay out/ stay out///

Immortal Vexation

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

If you could only understand/ just why we cant be together/ the resurrection of my soul/ what was once gone has returned/ my heart bleeds out with such distain/ distain for what we had/ this anger flowing through my veins/ bleeds out only for you// I remember how it used to be/ I'd get home and you would call me/ it was like an everlasting dream/ that I did not awaken from/ but now it has become/ a nightmare that I/ that I did not awaken from/ what has happened/ what went wrong/ things were fine/ what the hell is going on// We had it all/ you let it go/ things seemed ok was it for show/ My eyes they were too blind to see/ everything that you've done to me/ And I can't go on living this lie/ living this lie that you call your life/ As I sit back thinking about you/ I realize I'm better off without you// And now I must go on thinking about you/ thinking about what you left me here to do/ I sit back and I remember you/ and I/ remember what you put me through/ And now I'm all alone thinking about you/ thinking about the anger that I have toward you/ so much anger/ so much rage/ so many emotions that I'm lost inside my pain///

Should I Let This Go

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

I remember how it all began/ it was not too long ago/ but it seems like a lifetime/ should I let this go/ move no with my life/ or should I go searching in the dead of the night// Now I must go/ leave my life at the door/ sacrificing my soul/ for this eternal love/ I'd walk right through the fires of hell/ just for one more chance to be with you// As I lay all alone/ waiting for him to come/ reality hits me/ I realize what I've done/ I'll bury my pain in this tomb deep within my heart/ because a life without you is not worth living at all// I'd walk right through the fires of hell just to be with you///

Late Rides on Sunset Drive

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

At first we did it for a laugh/ nobody ever thought it'd come to this/ but now I think that it has gone too far/ first time I saw you you were so innocent/ so juvenile/ you were so delicate/ but now your life is so insignificant// how did we let this happen/ how did our world just fall apart/ the sky is falling all around us// Worlds are changing/ everything around us/ you're going with it letting it destroy us/ you're becoming someone I don't know/ You terrorize my soul// Look what you've done/ look what you have become/ it's over now there is no turning back/ our memories just fabrications/ of our minds/ life was a dream/ thanks for the nightmare/ our past is gone I hope you're happy/ your misery wil be the nail/ on your coffin door// how could you throw it all away/ how could you do that to me to us to everything we had/ how could you just go burying/ every memory we had/ in that grave you call your heart/ I just don't understand///

The Eyes of the Innocent have seen too much

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

I woke up today in a pool of misery/ with thoughts of love and razorblades on my mind/ and as the blood flows out tainted with my love for you/ this sweet desecration will cleanse my soul for good// I think back to the day when I laid my eyes on you/ I was so confused/ I'd never felt/ I'd never felt that way before/ like when you walked right through that door/ but now I must let go/ I must let go// why must you burn my life/ and everything I once held dear/ and now we say our last goodbye// And welcome in the night/ the night/ darkness consumes my soul/ and fills it with this rage/ this hatred/ this love I once had is now lost in this pool of misery// I think back to the day when you came into my life/ I dream of you day and night/ but now those dreams just haunting memories/ of those days when you and me shared love/ but now that love is gone// I bet you thought this would last forever///

So What...

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

I couldn't sleep today/ just the same as yesterday/ knowing that you went away/ I can't believe that this is true/ you broke my heart today/ you tore it up threw it away/ and all I want to say/ is that I'm so fed up with you// how could you be/ so selfish now/ how did this start/ I don't know// Please don't go/ don't die on me/ if you'd stay/ things would be different you will see/ I won't try/ to end your life anymore/ if you'd stay away from Heaven's door// Your lifeless eyes look up at me/ I just can't bring myself to see/ why you just can't stay/ another minute here with me/ your touch so cold your skin so pale/ your bloody skull the stench so stale/ I can't believe something like Death could come between this love we had///

The Last Slowdance

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

I woke up all alone in the middle of the night/ in a cold sweat staring at the four walls surrounding me/ like a coffin or a mausoleum the air is thin/ the air is thin and my loneliness is gagging me// what have I done to deserve this pain/ you're toying with me/ you threw our love way again// Why love/ why love/ why love when everything you love goes away/ why love/ why love/ why love when everything that you love/ it goes away// I will always hide those things I feel for you/ I will always remember all the pain that you had put me through// I'm sitting back here by myself/ I'm drowning in my own frustration/ can't determine what is real/ and why it means so much to me// What have I done to deserve this pain/ why must my heart bleed out for you again/ I'm stranded in a mirror's reflection/ feeling like I've never felt before/ hoping the meaning will soon come back to me///

One Last Chance

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

I didn't think it'd be so cold and dark in this world beyond the light/ no happy endings here/ no paradise/ just constant crimson night// I thought my pain was left behind/ I guess I was wrong/ I wish I could turn back the hands of time/ and give mortality/ one last chance// One last chance to watch the sun rise/ laugh with loved ones/ hurt when you cry/ but thats over/ now that I've gone/ what have I done/ I've left you for the night// It's so sad/ how my selfishness/ has fed me to the night/ and this curse for all eternity/ has left me exiled from the light// I am the dead/ I am the damned/ a creature cursed/ no longer a man/ I've left you for/ this world I hate/ and left my soul/ filled with this rage///

Coffins and Caskets

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

Feels like I'm trapped/ in this world of constant confusion/ this crimson death surrounding me/ my world has been vanquished/ there's no reason to go on// Nothing I do/ nothing that I say/ can bring you back/ bring you back to me/ I can't take this pain/ in my soul in my veins/ I wish it was the way that it used to/ that it used to be// Please give me/ one more chance/ to walk the earth to see the light of day/ all I want/ is for you/ to give back my soul/ release me from the damned// Forever I am cursed/ to walk alone for all eternity/ there's nothing in this world for me/ this darkness is my nightmare and this pain is my reality// Nothing I do/ nothing I say/ can bring you back bring you back to me///

Dead at the Door

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

I never thought it'd end like this/ so unexpectedly/ my world came crashing down/ crashing down on me/ and the bell tolls one last time/ one last time for me/ it's all over now and it's time for me to leave/ I don't want to/ but I have to/ yes I have to/ leave you here alone// You think you're better off alone/ you don't realize that you need me to exist/ this pain and this suffering/ has torn my world apart/ Please no/ it's not your time to leave/ Stay back/ there is no stopping me/ I can't/ can't take this suffering/ it's over now and darkness waits for me// It's time it's time for me to go/ to that world beyond this life/ it's time to leave this pain behind/ and begin my afterlife// Once you go you can't come back/ are you sure that this is what you want to do/ there's no place/ for me here/ it's what I have to do// Please no/ there must be another way/ Stay back/ I have to die today/ I can't/ can't take this suffering/ it's over now/ and darkness waits for me// this is where we'd say/ goodbye/ forever/ i'll see you in the next life/ this is our last goodbye/ and this is the end///

Reinventing The End (Reprise)

Written By: Dallas Sanchez

How did we/ how did we let this happen/ it's hard to believe/ that you could do such a thing/ It's hard to believe/ that you did this to me/ that you could do this to us/ why did you have to go/ nothing I do nothing I do/ nothing I say/ can bring you back bring you back to me/ bring you back to me/ I never thought it could end like this/ my world came crashing down on me/ and the bell tolls one last time for me/ why did you have to go///


Written By: Dallas Sanchez

You try to run but there's no escaping fate. You can't repent, your time is up and I'm afraid that it's too late.
Please forgive my sins, that have let me here. There must be a mistake, my soul is not yours to take!
Come on Come on! Get ready for the suffering that I will bring.
Come on Come on! Get ready to embrace the friction; your new addiction.
Your body's broken, but this torture never ends. You're cursed for all eternity and it's a fight you just can't win.
There's no breaking free, this is it for me, this must be a mistake, my souls not yours to take!
Come on Come on! Get ready for the suffering that I will bring.
Come on Come on! Get ready to embrace the friction; your new addiction.


Reinventing The End (2008) (self released)

I Tried to Make you Immortal, you tried to make me a KILLER (2012) (self released)

Lost Under Infinite Sorrow (2014) (AMTMusic)

Set List

Our current set is as follows:
1. Torment
2. Living Hell
3. Nightmare
4. Louder Than Words
5. Not My Destiny
6. Rapture
7. Reprise