A Midnight Tragedy
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A Midnight Tragedy

Kearny, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Kearny, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Rock Punk




"A Midnight Tragedy - Lost Under Infinite Sorrow"

A Midnight Tragedy's "Lost Under Infinite Sorrow" would see the band at what would be their third full-length album to date, since their start-up the band has seen line-up changes, touring treks, playing showcases, to writing and recording music that lead down to this latest installment.

This release was produced by Anthony Santo of the Westfall Recording Company, what he would bring to the table for these guys, would be creativity like nothing ever heard before, it shows crystal clear and is hands down remarkable, clean cut material of pure rock n' roll mixed with some heavy metal inspirations blended in to sound a lot like Avenged Sevenfold meets Aiden.

Some of the songs that stood out the most would have to be "Nightmare", "Time To Rise", "Torment", "Louder Than Words", and "Rapture". The instrumental work is done well, the guitars and bass are catchy enough, while the drumming backs those up, being just as catchy if not slightly catchier, whereas the vocal chords are very upbeat, keeping the beat of the music flowing right along as each song plays on through. Lyrical context is heartfelt, sorrowful, and on the edge at times, making the emotions run through you like butter cuts through with the use of a knife.

A Midnight Tragedy's third release is upbeat, catchy, and has its moments that drawn you in with each time you listen, you get struck with emotion that are there as soon as the music portrays itself. - Natalie Perez

"North Jersey Notes: A Midnight Tragedy, SYKA, Zire’s War and More!"

Where have all these great up-and-coming Jersey bands been hiding? Once again, I’ve come across another great band out of Kearny, NJ that I’ve never heard of before. The name of the band is A Midnight Tragedy and they are really, really good! I noticed they were playing Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ next Thursday night (8/20) with my buds from SHIFT, Ascending From Ashes and Chevonne And The Fuzz. So, I decided to check out their Facebook page where I got to hear the songs “Torment,” which was an extremely well-written song with cool gang vocals, “Nightmare,” which lived up to its name with a catchy hooky chorus, and “Rapture,” which also had a great hook. The songs on this site had some great energy that really packed a punch musically speaking. Singer Dallas Sanchez really makes you feel these songs with his high-energy vocals and emotion. Need I say more?

According to their bio, A Midnight Tragedy is a four-piece (plus one) rock band from Kearny and was formed by singer Dallas Sanchez and drummer Dan Mennella back in the winter of 2005. Bassist John Leonti joined A Midnight Tragedy in 2006. It was around this time that the band would release their first self-titled EP that would lead to them taking the main stage at Starland Ballroom’s Summer Campout Music Festival in 2007 and the New Jersey leg of Vans Warped Tour. Following a successful jaunt on the road, A Midnight Tragedy parted ways with the band’s original guitarist and founding member Chris “River” Rivera and was replaced by guitarist Ryan Sinisi. In 2008, the band would release their first full-length CD, Reinventing The End, which earned the band even more positive feedback, and by 2009, A Midnight Tragedy would reach Myspace’s “Top 10 NJ Bands” music charts. In 2010, A Midnight Tragedy, once again, saw some changes in their lineup. Guitarist Ryan Sinisi left the band, making room for the band’s current guitarist and old friend of Dallas and Dan, Esteban Pastor, who slid seamlessly into their ranks. A Midnight Tragedy would carry their momentum into the studio to record what would become their second full-length CD, I Tried To Make You Immortal, You Tried To Make Me A KILLER, which created some local buzz for the band.

In 2013, the band headed back in the studio for CD number three, Lost Under The Infinite Sorrow, which they released in August of 2014. The band has since added backup singer Valerie Maniscalco to their lineup, which I’m sure really brings out those harmonies live. I am curious to see these guys in a live setting because if the energy that is coming out of their recordings is any indication of their live show, you can bet your ass that these guys can bring it. Catch A Midnight Tragedy live next Thursday at Mexicali Live in Teaneck with SHIFT, Ascending From Ashes and Chevonne And The Fuzz. Or, find out where they’re playing next by logging onto Facebook.com/AMidnightTragedy. - Tim Louie

"Kearny Band A Midnight Tragedy has its eyes set on big goals"

You’d almost think that a kid who grew up in Brooklyn would have a lot more opportunities with music and the arts scene there than in West Hudson. And yet, the truth is, Dallas Sanchez, who moved to Kearny in 1994, says the chances he got here musically and artistically far outweigh what was available to him 20 years ago as a boy in the city’s most populous borough.

“Not even close,” he said. “When my family moved here from Brooklyn, the music and art opportunities here in Kearny were tremendous — and they helped shape me into who I am today.”

And today, Sanchez is the lead vocalist and guitar player in a band he formed back in 2005 called A Midnight Tragedy. The 31-year-old, who still calls Kearny home is a self-taught guitarist.

“Never took a lesson — and I don’t read music,” Sanchez said. “I don’t know what any of those notes mean. I just have the ability to take what is going on inside my head and to play it on the guitar.”

A Midnight Tragedy isn’t the first band he was in, but it’s certainly the one he’s been involved with the longest. When he formed it nearly a decade ago, he did so with one of his dearest friends — now his brother-in-law — Dan Mennella, also of Kearny.
Mennella is the band’s drummer.

Over the years, there have been a few changes in members, but now, the pair are joined by John Leonti, the bassist, and Esteban Pastor, who also plays guitar.

Sanchez says one of the greatest aspects of A Midnight Tragedy is that there really isn’t another band out there — in the mainstream or otherwise — that he could say is reminiscent of his. Their style, instead, is one-of-a-kind — and it shows.

“And yet, our new album has 17 tracks, and the concept is that it’s a musical,” Sanchez said. “We’ve done it all ourselves, too. In the tracks, you’ll hear theme like you would in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall,’ or pieces you might hear in ‘Rent,’ or ‘Phantom of the Opera.’ And there’s a lot about having faith … not necessarily religiously, but having faith in anything. But it all has our own unique sound, and I am very proud of that.

” That album will be released in less than a week — on Aug. 26. It’ll be their third.

And with all of this success, Sanchez says there’s one thing, above a lot else, that he’s most proud of.

“And that is that we’re from Kearny,” he said. “When you see us performing, mostly you’ll see red and black, the colors of Kearny High School. The Kearny pride is amazing. And what I hope happens is that when younger kids see us — whether it’s driving along Kearny Ave. in our tour bus, or at a show … wherever … that they see us and say, ‘Well, if they can do it, we can do it, too.’ There is a lot of musical talent in this town.

“We even filmed a video for one of the new songs in Kearny just the other day.”

Now while Sanchez says he hopes one day the band and touring can be a full-time career, he and his band mates have other careers, too. But Sanchez says he’s quite fortunate because his other job is also music-related.

He works for a company that provides buses for musicians on tour. And, he says it’s been a blessing to have such a job.

“It’s incredible,” he said. “Having this job has opened up so many other opportunities — and I’ve been able to meet so many great people in the business. None of that hurts, at all.”

Meanwhile, Sanchez does all of this with a family of his own. He and his wife, Jessica, have two children: a 10-yearold son and a 2-year-old daughter. And he gets a lot of support from them.

“My wife has been to a lot of our shows, and last year our daughter was at a show, also,” he said. “My wife has been very supportive over the years. It’s not always easy, like in any marriage, but she’s been just great.”

A Midnight Tragedy will perform two shows later this week. They’ll be at Mexicali Live, Teaneck, on Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. and at the Trash Bar, Brooklyn, on Aug. 24 at 11 p.m. The new album will be available for sale at the two gigs for an introductory price of $7. Once it’s officially released on Aug. 26, it’ll cost $7.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

To find out more about A Midnight Tragedy, to listen to their music, to buy the new album, for tour dates and more, visit www.amidnighttragedy.com. - Kevin Canessa Jr

"Jeffrey Lesser' s thoughts on A Midnight Tragedy"

A Midnight Tragedy has a unique combination of power, musicality and drama. They paint musial portraits with a palate of kick butt drumming, booming bass and big guitars. This all supports the creative use of vocals, vocal harmonies, keyboards and sound effects. Their performances have energy, passion and sincerity.

Jeffrey Lesser
January, 2009

Jeffrey Lesser is a,
Emmy and Grammy Award Winning Producer
Music Credits Include: Steven Tyler, Ziggy Marley, Barbra Streisand, Kool and the Gang, Lou Reed, The Chieftains
Film and Television Credits Include: The Wonder Pets, Oobie, Go Baby, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lord of the Rings

- Jeffrey Lesser

"Secaucus' Ryan Sinisi in up and coming band"

A Midnight Tragedy is an up and coming rock band made up of five young men who have been playing together since 2005. Their music is similar to bands such as My Chemical Romance and Aiden and is known for its punk rock sound as well as its melodramatic teen opera ballads similar to that of rock icon Meatloaf. A Midnight Tragedy sends you on a mystical journey with their music and only big things are in store for this five piece from Kearny NJ. - Judy Kennelly - Secaucus Home News


Reinventing The End (2008) (self released)

I Tried to Make you Immortal, you tried to make me a KILLER (2012) (self released)

Lost Under Infinite Sorrow (2014) (AMTMusic)



A Midnight Tragedy is a five piece rock band from Kearny, New Jersey formed by vocalist Dallas Sanchez and drummer Dan Mennella in the winter of 2005.  Bassist John Leonti joined the lineup in 2006 and the band went on to release their first self-titled 3 song EP which would take them to the main stage at 2007 The Starland Ballroom Summer Campout Music Festival and the 2007 New Jersey leg of Van’s Warped Tour.  Following a successful tour, AMT parted ways with guitarist and founding member Chris “River” Rivera.  River was then replaced by Ryan Sinisi.  

AMT self-released their first full length album, titled Reinventing The End, mastered by Justin Schturtz of Sterling Sound in 2008.  With a hard-hitting sound and melodic sing-along choruses reminiscent of My Chemical Romance and AFI, Reinventing The End received much positive local acclaim.  Over the next two years, AMT went on to perform at Bamboozle, opened up for Good Charlotte and Metro Station at Six Flags Great Adventure summer festival, took the main stage at the Big Giant Extravaganza Rock Festival and headlined a benefit show for Cancer Research in Salem, OH in addition to a self-funded East Coast tour to promote the album.  The band was featured on a number of local college radio stations and local publications and later signed with Brooklyn-based indie record label, Stitched Up Records. As a result, AMT was featured on the label’s Warped Tour Compilation album distributed locally that same year. It was no surprise, then that AMT rose steadily and ranked as one of the top 20 punk rock bands in the world and top 10 NJ bands on MySpace’s music charts in 2009.

In 2010, AMT once again saw some changes in their line-up.  Guitarist Ryan Sinisi left the band and it was then that long-time friend and former member of Dallas and Dan’s earlier band, Esteban Pastor slid seamlessly into their ranks.  Energized by their local and regional success, AMT returned to the studio to record what would become their second full-length self-released album titled I Tried To Make You Immortal, You Tried To Make Me a KILLER, produced by Wil Francis of Aiden and William Control (Victory Records).  

After many years together and the recording of their second album, keyboardist and founding member Dave Boyes, left the band. In the summer of 2013 the band would pick up Valerie Maniscalco as a backing vocalist leaving the band with what would be it’s final and current line-up.  

I Tried to Make You Immortal, You Tried To Make Me A KILLER, created some buzz locally and the band was featured in various local interviews and appeared in the June issue of Alternative Press magazine and Warped Magazine.  AMT co-headlined a show with William Control in Montclair, New Jersey, went on to tour locally and throughout New England in 2012 in support of their new album and performed at a Bamboozle Alumni show at The Stone Pony and closed off the year with a performance at Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest in October.

2013 saw A Midnight Tragedy back in the studio for a third full-length album, recorded at Westfall Recording Company in Farmingdalle, New York and signed on with indie label and management firm, Rock Ridge Music.  Despite their busy studio schedules, AMT continued to play to small local audiences and a number of high profile gigs throughout the year as an opening band for New Years Day and Otep at the Stanhope House, Vampires Everywhere and Wednesday 13 at The Studio at Webster Hall and The Misfits at the Starland Ballroom.  AMT’s dedication and prominent online presence worldwide earned them a spot on Reverbnation’s Top 40 Rock Charts.  

Their third studio album titled, Lost Under Infinite Sorrow, produced by Anthony Santo of Westfall Recording Company, was released August 2014.  The band has been performing everywhere winning over new audiences every night, in the process they have also begun preproduction on their 4th record due out sometime in 2016.

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