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"Amie Penwell Cover of Somojo Magazine!"

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- Somojo Magazine

"Skope Magazine Review"

Amie Penwell, King in a Temple

Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Producer, Amie Penwell takes full credit for all except two songs on King in a Temple. This talented musician brings you down to the real nitty-gritty of music with her soulful approach. On the verge of gospel and pop, but just real true-to-heart soul singing represents Penwell and her latest work.

Other artists on the album include: Grammy-nominated producer, Ben Leinbach, who also contributes the drums, percussion, drum programming and bass—Chris Haugen on guitars/mandolin/acoustic dulcimer and last but not least Margot Holtzman on viola. The backing instruments to Penwell’s signature voice are right on tune here. Each artist complimented one another superbly by adding a whole other dimension to the sound.

Right away from Amie Penwell, I hear gut-wrenching emotion belted out in such a deep and sincere way. The funny part though is that Penwell is pouring herself out at you, but in such quiet fashion. Her tone is consistently soft-spoken throughout the record, but performed with such powerful conviction. The entire album is revolved around the loss of a person close to Penwell’s heart. She takes you on a trip of what she’s feeling first-hand, which makes for an enlightening experience. “Show me to the river, somewhere to wash away this feeling” captures the true spirit of King in a Temple right from the start.

10 well-performed and well-versed songs can be heard featuring one live cut, “Old Widow Maker” along with a Talking Heads cover, “Naïve Melody”. Definitely watch out for this indie artist as she displays high potential on her latest release. Amie Penwell seems to be an artist with an honest-to-truth sound and is on pace to Humanize the music world.

For more on Amie Penwell and her newest creation, King in a Temple, SKOPE out

By Jimmy Rae

Rating: ???½? - Jimmy Rae

"Soulful and Resonant"

Soulful and Resonant

Like Chris Whitley's Dirt Floor or Feist's The Reminder, this is the kind of record that keeps resonating long after you stop listening. I'm an all-purpose music fan: I appreciate a catchy melody and a good beat as much as anyone. But some songs stay with me for years and become part of my life. They have that X factor of authenticity and depth that makes me want to hear them over and over again. King In A Temple is that kind of record. It knocked me out the first time I heard it, and sounds better with every spin. - Andrew J. Pearce Contributing Writer for Acoustic Guitar Magazine

""Press Play""

"King In a Temple"

For Marin singer/songwriter Amie Penwell, a newcomer on the scene who's just released her debut independent CD, "King In a Temple", it's all about her unusual voice.

On her Web site, her bio says volumes about the impact of her vocal style.
"Take the voice of an angel and drop it one octave, like a lover's moan," it begins. "Amie Penwell's voice has that odd mixture of grit and polish that makes for great gospel singers, one who go seduced away by rhythm and blues. This is the voice of the choir girl who ran away with the preacher, the one that came from way in the back, and turned every head."
What's more: "it's the kind of voice that you'd believe even if you knew it was lying. It is a voice that cannot tell a lie.
There are times that Penwell reaches down and pulls it from a place so deeply sensual- so private-a gentleman might feel obligated to avert his stare, and turn away."

Sounds like Amie's voice moonlights in porn films. But it can do even more than cause guys to shrink from it's sensuality: "it's the kind of voice that makes men believe they share a secret with her, even when they do not. The first time you hear it, if you are sitting down, you will want to stand up. If you are standing, you may want to sit sown."
Penwell wrote nine of the 10 songs on "King In a Temple". They tend toward tender ballads like "Walking With You," with her accompanying herself on acoustic piano and Margot Holtzman adding sweetly supple lines on viola. She shines on the medium temp country tune "So Many Ways," co-written with Chris Haugen, who accompanies on guitar and mandolin.

And she does a fine job covering David Byrne's "Naive Melody," singing in a quavering voice steeped in emotion.

There's that voice again. It isn't something that needs any more describing. The best thing to do is put on "KIng In a Temple" and listen to it.
-PAUL LIBERATORE - Here Magazine


“Amie Penwell is one to watch! A relative newcomer Penwell is regarded
by many to be one of the next big heavy weights.”
Mark Langton- Marin Independent Journal - Marin Independent Journal

"A Taste Of Triple A"

“On her new CD, King In A Temple, Amie Penwell displays a level of quality not typically heard from a self-released artist. There’s an elegance in her arrangements and a passion in her voice that make the entire CD a real enjoyable listen.”
—Jim Nelson, A Taste Of Triple A - Jim Nelson

"Amie Penwell "King In a Temple" 4 out 5 Stars"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
REVIEW: Amie Penwell - King in a Temple

With an ethereal, resonant voice, Amie Penwell has talent oozing through her veins. Amie’s outstanding voice captivates and captures her audience with her unique style and intense emotion behind every word. Amie’s album, King in a Temple, is nothing short of a thought provoking emotional roller coaster through the many truths of life.

Show Me to the River is gospel style tune with all the soul you would expect from such a ballad. Penwell paints a picture through lyrical imagery and powerful, strong vocals with a beautiful tone that will touch your heart.

In Mercy, another great tune, Amie once again displays her truth and emotion with a chorus that will send chills up your spine. Amie also covers the Talking Head’s tune, Naive Melody, giving the song new depth and meaning and making it her own.

King in a Temple is an extremely moving album. Amie’s voice at times is reminiscent of Melissa Etheridge while maintaining her own unique flare. With such soul and powerful pipes paired with intellectually and emotionally transforming lyrics, King in a Temple is a relaxing reprieve from the norm while at the same time inspiring hope and truth.

4 out of 5 stars - Swift Reviews


2008 "King In A Temple"
2005 Self Titled EP Amie Penwell



"Take the voice of an angel and drop it an octave.
Amie Penwell's voice has that odd mixture of grit and polish that makes for great gospel singers. The first time you hear it, if you are sitting down, you will want to stand up. If you are standing, you may want to sit down. Her songs remind us of where we are perfect, and tell us the truth about where we are not.”
-Mark Langton, Marin Independent Journal

Amie is on the cover of Somojo Magazine for their Spring 2010 issue where she spent 10 weeks at #1 on the Urban Grooves Chart with her song What Would Love Do? off of her Self Titled EP!

Penwell has played Yoshi's SF for the second time in 6 months, and is in negotiation with three publishing companies for song placement, and has signed a deal with SBMP (South Beach Music Publishing) and will be heard throughout Asia and Australia. In addition to using Amie's songs Mercy and Show Me To The River for Elephant documentary "Eye's Of Thailand" DVA Productions used Ending or Beginning off of Amie's critically acclaimed CD King In a Temple for Women's Health Specialist Commercial due out in April of 2010!

Women of Substance Radio added 4 of Penwell's songs to 4 different radio shows to be played weekly for the next 3 months!

Derek Sivers—indie music pioneer and founder of CD Baby—and Eugene Foley—the music industry guru referred to by many as "Dr. Gene"—hand picked Penwell out of 500 artists for an 8-week coaching session (on Derek's dime) to help launch the record. Foley is now Penwell's official manager.

At once hypnotic and stirring, earthy and ethereal, Amie Penwell’s songs sink into your subconscious and stays with you long after you’re done listening. What makes her music so resonant is her remarkable tone—not just the sound of her voice, but the undeniable feeling that you’re hearing her sing her truth. That’s not a talent you learn. That’s a courageous choice. And it’s what separates the dime-a-dozen divas from the real soul singers.

“Music seems to be one of the few acceptable ways of speaking the truth,” Penwell says. “It guides, liberates, connects, and transforms. At least it continues to transform me- as long as I have the good sense to get out of the way.”

Born in Massachusetts, Penwell migrated to San Francisco, where she honed her singular style. In 2004, Jai Uttal introduced Amie to Grammy-nominated producer Ben Leinbach together they recorded her SOLD OUT, self-titled EP Amie Penwell.
It is available for digital download at CDBABY and ITUNES, AMAZON, and everywhere else music is sold online.