In 2008, Aminoss has released his first album: ouine, featuring M.Mazouni on alto and soprano saxophones. Will include a magnificent rearranged song of the raï singer, Cheb Hasni. It reveals El Bhidja, Binat'houm, Ouine, Harda… Algerian and African flavors under an universal inspiration.


Born in Algiers, Aminoss is a self-taught guitarist, composer and arranger of jazz and contemporary music.

He started learning to play the styles of Dire Straits, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Police, George Benson, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, Lee Ritenour, Pat Metheny… this diversity of influences and inspirations gave him a very personal playing style.

Very early Aminoss interested in jazz harmony and arrangement. His curiosity and meticulousness pushed him to deepen his knowledge and broaden his skills. Thus, he will start a career as a composer and will perform a variety of musical works, including TV ads, TV serials and scoring (film).

Last years, he multiplies collaborations in various projects, where he arranges and composes in a wide variety of styles: World Music, Salsa, Rap, Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, Oriental, Gnawi…

Aminoss is first and foremost a musician who particularly loves the stage, he will accompany as a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist, a must known Algerian artists. This experience will allow him to enrich his culture and increase his knowledge in Maghreb musical heritage.


Aminoss feat. M.Mazouni:
* Ouine - soho inside - 2008

* Bled Stock - El Kolektor - Belda Diffusion - 2005
* Maghreb Jazz - Belda Diffusion - 2006

Various contributions:
* Yacine Dahmane - Salam (Falsa Nota) - Belda Diffusion - 2006
* Mohamed Alouat (Mimid) - Détente vol. 1 to 5 - Dounia - 2001 to 2007

Set List

Titles from album 'ouine':
el b'hidja
mazal galbi...
ya loukane
ma tejebdoulich
h'kaya touila

Approximate playtime : 60 min.