A.M. Interstate

A.M. Interstate


Gauzy, mescaline-tinged, rock and roll.


Oregon's own rotating-helm trio, a.m. interstate, have resurfaced after being holed up in a 1920's mill house in the rural settings of Central Oregon. With an eagerness to stretch their boundaries musically, a.m.i. filled the 700 square foot house with as much dated recording equipment and instruments that they could get their hands on. Gathered around the controls, the three members spent the better part of a year recording songs to an analog reel-to-reel machine; Hammond organs, Wurlitzer pianos, lap steel, dulcimer, drums, and numerous guitars were the chosen instrumentation for the project. The collaboration between Jackson Groves (vocals, guitars, harmonica), and brothers Seth Erickson (vocals, drums, piano, guitar), and Cy Erickson (vocals, guitar, bass), is a cohesive exploration through each members vision of indie-music. With the opening drone-folk track "Golden Age", to the mid-album psych-pop "Thin Again", to the closing country-folk lullaby "Neon River", the fruit of these threes' labor is reflected on the twelve track self-titled album. (Look for the release worldwide this summer on Turquoise Mountain Records)


A.M. Interstate (Self-titled debut) on Turquiose Mountain Records (2005)
*"Dirty and Low" (Single on National Radio)(2006)
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/aminterstate