A Minute Jack Forum

A Minute Jack Forum

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

An alternative/indie ensemble that blends "retro rock influences with forward-looking aesthetics...AMJF is subtle, using texture and a variety of acoustic and electric guitar sounds to create a compelling sonic palette" - Rick Tvedt / Local Sounds Magazine


"A Minute Jack Forums" beginnings date to 2005 and the self-dubbed "practice rock" duo of guitarists/vocalists Brian Thorpe and Matt Duranceau. They had migrated from Wausau, WI to Madison in the 1990s, with the band Hobnob, but had been out of the local scene for a time. By 2007, another pair of veteran players made the band whole: bassist/singer David Leemkuil (of '90s Chicago rockers Five Mile Ceiling and, more recently, with a reunited version of Phil Gnarly and the Tough Guys), and drummer Ken Hale.

The time spent honing their sound before recording Traction Blip served A Minute Jack Forum well; their debut is a very smartly arranged, confident-sounding collection of guitar rock. There are enough hooky numbers to please guitar pop fans, and the occasionally suite-like song structures also provide the complexity to please listeners looking for something a bit more challenging.

The members' time spent in '90s indie bands can be heard clearly in A Minute Jack Forum's clean vs. fuzzed-out guitar interplay, a twin guitar attack that's not afraid to go for the bombast when it fits the song, as on album opener "Hello Patty". Thankfully there's much more going on than a retro recasting, as the group is subtly far-ranging stylistically -- which really begins to surface after several spins through the disc.

And though often complex, the songs are recorded organically enough that they won't lose out in the transition to a live setting -- it doesn't sound as if there's too much overdubbing on the disc. Overall, the mix of guitar textures, harmony vocals and careful album sequencing reminds this listener of a less roots-influenced, more prog version of Ha Ha Tonka's last album (since the two bands don't sound much alike, I'm not sure why this comparison has stuck in my mind, but it has).

"Don't Blame the Strings" is one of the catchier tracks on the album, and a good example of A Minute Jack Forum's ability to let a song's arrangement build slowly on itself. Says singer/lyricist Thorpe, via email: "'Don't Blame the Strings' (although certainly inspired by real-life encounters) is more a general reaction to the kind of person who eagerly, and often indirectly passes the buck, the blame, or offers insults. The lyrics contend that this person is also unwilling or unable to recognize his own faults and as a result, loses the respect of his peers."

Traction Blip was recorded at Blast House Studios, the former E Labs Multimedia facility which is now a part of the Madison Music Foundry family. "Blast House is a great facility, and Landon [Arkens, recording engineer] was a true professional," Thorpe says. "We're not likely the most challenging band he's recorded, but I think due to time/budget constraints or whatever, we pushed him a little here and there. He responded well to us, took our ideas in stride and was willing to offer an opinion, but never pushy."

And what of that unusual band name? Thorpe relates that he encountered the term minute jack in an online dictionary, defined as "A figure which strikes the hour on the bell of some fanciful clocks" and, alternately, a "timeserver."

"I was initially intrigued by the second definition," notes Thorpe. "So I dug a little deeper." The dictionary described timeserver as "One who conforms to the prevailing ways and opinions of one's time or condition for personal advantage; an opportunist."

"From this I imagine a minute jack forum as a boardroom full of bobbing heads and phony smiles, or perhaps (sadly) Washington. 'A' was chosen for its modesty over 'The.' It implies we're one of many versus the one and only," Thorpe says.

Bob Koch- Isthmus, 07/18/2010


Self released full length album 'Traction Blip' - 2010

Self released 5 song demo - 2008

Set List

A Minute Jack Forum plays all original material that can be tailored for up to two ~1 hour sets. The same material can be modified for acoustic settings.

Hello Patty
At Sea with Scale
No Consolation
The Awkwardly Titled 'Belly Full of Me'
Don't Blame the Strings
Terry's Got a Satellite View
Moon Trine Moon
Waiting for No One
One in Five
Talk About the Weather

Others in the works