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Better Half

Written By: Aamir Shahid

"BETTER HALF" (written/produced/performed by Aamir Shahid)

Verse 1:

Didn’t have a clue, didn’t know what to do
Till you came through for me

who knows where I’d be, If you didn’t
Come see me

I wanna thank you for being that rock in my life that I can always count on,
And now i'ma be that man in your life, a shoulder for you to lean on


'cuz you’re my better half,
You made me whole again,
showed me all the things, I've been missing in my life

Made me a better man
You showed me the way,
To a better life, and a better path

Gave me another chance,
At being your man, now I’m your number 1 fan
For life

Cuz you’re my better half,
You’re everything that I could ask for,
My better half

Verse 2:

Didn’t know what I had, till it was almost gone,
You made me realize what I was doing wrong

It was time that I start to move on,

From chasing chicks, talkin’ sh*t, being the cause of arguments
And now, look how we get along

From now, i’ma be your man for life, a shoulder for you to lean on


You’re like the shade, on a hot day
Being with you is like a holiday,
Without you, I couldn’t go a day
Cuz I love you girl in every single way (x2)