Balkan Flamenco Fusion.


Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Amir Beso enjoyed quite a success as a rock musician there in the early 90-ies. The war that started in 92 got him trapped in the besieged city of Sarajevo, where he continued to perform, by putting onstage an anti-war musical Hair, while at the same time fighting in the Bosnian Army. He was seriously injured in the fall of 93 and airlifted by the UN forces to Denmark. His work in Hair caught a lot of attention from US media, which in turn resulted in Hollywood film director Phil Alden Robinson's ("Field of Dreams", "Sum of All Fears") invitation to come to USA, and also in Joan Baez's invitation to perform with her at several concerts.

He moved to Seattle in 95 and wrote, composed and performed in autobiographical rock-musical "Sarajevo: Behind God's Back" which ran successfully at The Group Theatre for months. Later he founded a band Kultur Shock, but left it soon afterwards to pursue solo career, recording and performing his original instrumental acoustic music, which is often described as Balkan Flamenco. His music draws on the exotic melodies and complex polyrhythms of his homeland, seamlessly combining Gypsy Balkan tradition with ambient, jazz, classical and flamenco, all performed with a rocker’s sensibility. He wrote, produced and played all instruments on his debut album Fatamorgana, which got great reviews and a couple independent music awards nominations. This CD is the number one best seller on CD Baby in two categories, Balkan and Contemporary Instrumental. He is currently recording his second album.

He performs alone, with some use of looping devices for real-time overdubbing. His shows get received extremely well, his following is growing fast, and so is the attendance at his shows.


CD Fatamorgana, all 10 tracks from the CD have streaming and radioplay, the most popular and best selling on iTunes are: Balkan Nights, Gypsyland, Fatamorgana and Laura's Lullaby.

Set List

Two hours of original material, songs from CD Fatamorgana and from the new soon-to-be-released 2nd album. Plus, some covers of traditional Balkan Gypsy songs.