New York City, New York, USA

I'd say my main influences are late sixties and early seventies rock- Melodies and harmonies steeped in organic and emotive tones.


Amir Darzi was born and raised in Israel. Growing up listening to Sixties and early Seventies Rock music, he drew inspiration from artists and bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Lennon/McCartney/Harrison solo, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and many more. During his whole childhood, Amir has been singing and writing. He taught himself how to play the guitar at the age of 13, and since then there was no turning back. In the last few years, His unique style, vocal prowess, and refined song writing skills have earned him a steadily growing audience both in Israel and the states. Amir's songs are being played in various radio stations both in Israel and in the United states.

These 6 tracks were produced and recorded by Henry Hirsch at his Waterfront studios in Hudson, NY.

Amir Darzi - Lead vox, backing vox, acoustic guitar, electric guitar.
Gil Goldin - Bass. Spencer Cohen - Drums. Henry Hirsch - Piano/Organ (My Old Friends, Champagne Ocean). Bram tobey - Trumpet (Signs Of Growth). Dave Eggar - Cello. Liz Hanley -Viola
Mark Marshall - Electric Guitar (Paper Sky, Electric Lights)


Automatic Pilot

Written By: Amir Darzi

Ready to go, helmet is on
Buttons are pressed, I’m leaving the floor
Gravity changes, starting to float
Like Rockets through the air

Hugged by my sit, i call it my thrown
High in the sky, see sunsets and dawns
Gravity changes, float on my own
Like rockets through the air

Automatic pilot it's time for you to take control

I’m riding orbits of my mind
Navigating, eyes are blind
Internal forces lead me there
Like rockets through the air

I’m being seized by night patrol
A certain man will hear my call
spaceship pirate, can’t you tell
Sends rockets to the air

Automatic pilot it's time for you to take control

Can you see above the dark skies?
When a star shines it doesn’t mean it died