Amir Darzi

Amir Darzi


people who listen to my songs and hear me sing say that my music sounds pure. i write melodies. the sound that i dig is late 60's, 70's singer/songwriter. that's my favorite style of music. that's the sound I'm looking for. something that is pretty hard to find these days.


Amir Darzi was born and raised in Israel.
Growing up listening to Sixties and early Seventies Rock music,
he drew inspiration from artists and bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, John Lennon, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and many more.
During his whole childhood, he's been singing and writing.
He taught myself how to play the guitar at the age of 13, and since then there was no turning back.
In the last few years, his unique style, vocal prowess, and refined song writing skills have earned him a steadily growing audience both in Israel and the united states.
Darzi currently lives in brooklyn, NY, where he perform with his new band.
Amir has played in some of New York City's greatest venues (Rockwood Music hall, Arlene's Grocery, The Bitter End...)
His songs are being played in various radio stations both in Israel and in the United states.
These days he's working on the recordings of his new record.


Mirror Of Your Soul

Written By: Amir Darzi

live my life
got a message to send
"none of the tickets were sold" said the lady on the cash register

hold on tight
tears will form into the songs you'll write
words will turn to jewels in the sky
all gathered to observe it's birth

people in despair
oh but they don't know that with this song they'll grow
it'll mend their holes and tears

stand in line
there are so many brands of wine
the one they choose will certainly define
the meaning of the heaven and earth

i'm sailing out to sea again
words rhyme and the music's playing
forming this song
great things are coming along
then Im falling back to the very start

a simple fantasy
a buried melody set to free
you hear the clapping hands now they can see
your voice is a mirror of your soul

live my life
got a message to send

Paper Sky

Written By: Amir Darzi

two moons in a paper sky
two fish flying slowly on a cloud
two girls who have three eyes
and trees and pink wearing a shroud

floating on an anchor
my head is like a garden gnome
talking to a banker
that I'm about to sail away to rome
sail away alone

the cool sun is on my skin
i drink the stones inside my glass
on a wooden bed made of tin
a cat is barking at my ass

time slowly passing by
slipping so fast that you just can't see
just another day inside my mind
it's very crowded cause I'm in here with me
so please just leave us be

the pills are wearing off its time to face reality
i wake up in bed and purple straps are binding me
the woman in white is strapping me tight
the needle goes in and once again its night

two moons in a paper sky
until the next time i wake up
i really don't remember why
the cat is barking so am i

Set List

we play about 9 original songs each show. the set is about one hour long.