Amish Love Child

Amish Love Child


"ALC rocks. And rolls. And jumps. And hits it. They are the culmination of post-pop punk-a-billy alt rock-" Shawn Lingo


Amish Love Child, a trio based in Eugene, Oregon is a hard hitting alt country, power pop, sometimes punk rocking mixture of genres. Many of ALC's songs are based around the theme of not wanting to work, not having enough money, living paycheck to paycheck, societal issues: america's current government, cell phone's , the list goes on. Singer songwriter Troy Krusenstjerna writes ALC's songs from the gut, and in all honesty, the lyrics hit home. Meshed with Tony Gilchrist's fine melodic bass playing, and newly acquired drummer Mac Hines, Amish Love Child is a refreshing new band on the music scene. Influences include but are not limited to:the Kinks, the Beatles, Talking Heads, the Ramones, with good old American country (not to be confused with new country), the result being sharply composed original songs that are radioworthy.


I don't wanna work

Written By: Troy Krusenstjerna

I don't wanna work
It makes me feel like a jerk
My life just slips away
I don't wanna work today

I don't wanna work
I'm sick of the jobs
They have on earth
I don't wanna work
Build me a ship
Send me in space
There's gotta be something else

I don't wanna work
I wanna job like Captain Kirk
Exploring strange new worlds
Seeking out
Strange new girls


I've been a baker
A ticket taker
A pizza maker
A forklift operator
And a waiter
A part-time painter
I don't wanna work for a fascist dictator

( chorus)

I don't wanna work
Don't wanna be a Walmart Clerk
I don't wanna work
Here's my nametag
Here's my shirt

Copyright 2005 Troysongs

Paycheck to paycheck

Written By: Troy Krusenstjerna

I'm not rich, I'm not free
This world's based on money and greed
I'm sick, and I'm hungry
Never make enough money
I'm a man in need

Living paycheck to paycheck
Why must we all live this way
Paycheck to paycheck
It's the american way
Day and night
Night and day
We work
So hard to save
Day and night
Night and day
We work
Waiting for that pay

So many people never see
The ocean or the trees
Living chained at the knees
While the rich do as they please
We secure their fortunes
Build their industries
Tear up the world working
Never rich and never free
All the time living


No fun on a rainy day
No fun with our hard earned pay
When it's taken all away
I work because I have to
I'd rather spend the time with my babe


Copyright 2005 troysongs

Green Light

Written By: Troy Krusenstjerna

Green Light
Words & music by Troy Krusenstjerna

I’ve been dying to call you
I stare at the phone
You sent me an email
Saying to leave you alone
You said you felt one-sided
And I was wasting my time
All this coincided
With losing my mind

All I want is one more chance
Give me the green light glance
The green light glance
Green light

My heart is stuck in a traffic jam
It’ s going nowhere
I keep waiting for the green light from you girl
You keep on giving me the red light glare
I’ll take you out
On the town
We’ll cruise around
We could have a wild time
Don’t be so cruel
I’ve been waiting for you
Stuck in this line
You keep flashing that stop sign


So sad when the ones you want
Don’t always want you
Don’t confuse the signals in my eyes
I still believe in love at first sight
Don’t turn around when I look at you
I’m still learning how to drive
Wish I could have your love in my life
I want a green light
Show me your green light


Copyright 2005 Troysongs


Amish Love Child, self-titled

songs with airplay: Things, Green Light, Paycheck to Paycheck, Cell Phone, & I don't wanna work

Set List

Good to Go
I don't wanna work
Riddles & Rhymes
Snidely Whiplash
Mom's Stationwagon
Killing me with Country
Sweet Jessie
PBR Vacation
Green Light
Cell Phone
Nicotine Queen
Paycheck to Paycheck
She doesn't live here anymore
Rocker Girl
Hard to Mend
Book of Dreams
Leave it Alone
Homebody Girl
Train To Spain

Typically 2 50-60 minute sets
2 hour show