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Taitung, Taiwan, Taiwan | INDIE

Taitung, Taiwan, Taiwan | INDIE
Band Folk Country


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"amis kakeng band in Samoa"

Amis Ka kakeng Band Festival staging 2008-07-23
Even Taiwan delegation are participate at this time, but only the number in Pacific Arts Festival, just more than Tuwaru sickness, but compared to many countries, compared to hundreds of people performing groups, there is still a great disparity, Nevertheless, Taiwan delegation kakeng Band still get hold of every one in the international area, try to open in Taiwan in the Pacific region's reputation in the arts and culture.
Outdoor performances in the ocean with floor greet the sun, from Taiwan, and interactive band lined up in Cannes to start bamboo percussion music performances. The older members are still in school stage, but some already participate in the second arts festival, because American Samoa kakeng Band track arrangements in addition to the songs Amis joined the singular point of an eagle en Song.
For countries to participate in the large number of groups, many of the country music and dance contest winners of the outstanding groups, performance was over, from across the borders of the warm resounding applause, in contrast kakeng Band hope the Government will realize that the Pacific Arts Festival more important position, grasp and support Taiwan's indigenous peoples the opportunity to expand in the international area.
Pacific Arts Festival in Taiwan, 31, the end of time, nothing less than the Olympic event of the Pacific Arts Festival to be held again after only four years later, when the Taiwan Austronesian people can truly focus on this event can be better prepared, and more in the international area to promote all cultures have the ability to look forward to Pacific indigenous nations in the international area to promote cultural exchanges and integration of international Austronesian speaking family.




Amis Tribe has about 40 kinds of traditional musical instruments, which is the most abundant tribe of Taiwan aborigines. Many of these musical instruments are useful in agriculture and pasture activities. For example, the bamboo drum is used to drive away birds during harvest time, or use reed flute to communicate to each other in pasturing cattle. Furthermore, some musical instruments are used to express affection, such as a brave hunter imitates bow to fabricate latuk to show his affection for a woman.
Bamboo musical instruments could make easily and with convenient material supply. Tribe people could make, play and reproduce the instruments at any moment without considering preservation, thus many traditional musical instruments are falling away. In the past 40 some years, all Amis Tribe¡¦s bamboo-made musical instruments are completely disappeared except Haunghaung. Since 1997, Sawtoy and Kakeng Musical Group have started to inquire from the tribal elderly professionals and refer to Academia Sinica¡¦s investigation to make traditional bamboo musical instruments one by one to reproduce precisely the sound that disappeared several decades. The instruments used in the performance of this time were handmade personally by Sawtoy.
Other than the various bamboo wood percussion instruments used during performance, Kakeng Musical Group also used the traditional Amis Tribe orchestral instruments such as Nose Pipes, Miriliton, Pan flute and Haunghaung.