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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Soul




"Amistad Gets Emotional At Webster Hall"

Pancakes and Whiskey April 7, 2015

I knew that Amistad meant “friendship” in Spanish, but what I didn’t know was why this band from Brooklyn called themselves that. Then I met them. These guys have a special bond that shine through their music. I arrived at Webster Hall early enough to see the place empty. By the time Amistad went on, the place was jam packed. For a band that has only been together for a few months, this melodic R&B-rock quartet show promise.
This was a night filled with artists showcasing their work and musicians of all types of genres coming together to support one another. This has got to be the most diverse lineup I’ve ever seen. The opener was “Team Epic”(a hip hop collective from the Bronx.) Next up was War & Blues, a rock band from Long Island. They proved how Rock-n-Roll they were when the lead singer dropped his empty beer cup on the floor, instead of the mic, after a kick ass last song! Then, D-Rich came on, a smooth; talented ladies man, who played the acoustic guitar and sang beautiful soul rock music. D-Rich was hard to follow, but Amistad was solid. Timothy Perez’s voice in each song sounds like he’s coming from somewhere personal. That type of vulnerability isn't something you see everyday. It was great to see such a genuine band accomplish a milestone together right in front of my eyes. The best part of the night was when guitarist/pianist, Frandie Batista, jumped to touch the Webster Hall decal on top of the stage and said, “I’m trying not to get emotional because not too long ago I was in the crowd watching some of my favorite musicians perform on this stage. Thank you!”
Article by: Kayla Klein - Pancakes and Whiskey


Concert for a Cause at the Leif will benefit MD research

By Meaghan McGoldrick |

Photo courtesy of Amistad
The boys of Alpha Phi Delta-Delta Epsilon are looking to change the world, one guitar lick at a time. With one of their own in mind, the John Jay College fraternity will offer up a night of live music (‘90s throwbacks included) on Friday, February 20 at its first-ever Concert for a Cause.
“We as an organization have felt the obligation to give back to the community since our fraternity’s beginnings back in 1914,” explained event organizer Thomas Murray, stressing that his chapter has been giving back to the community since it was reactivated six years ago. “As many organizations do, we focus on those causes that each member holds near and dear.”
This concert’s cause: ending Muscular Dystrophy, commonly known as MD.
“The ‘Concert for a Cause’ we are hosting is dedicated to one of our brother’s relatives,” Murray explained. “Although that person would rather remain anonymous, we know an event such as this means the world to him. Muscular Dystrophy is not the most well-known philanthropic cause but that’s just more of a reason why we chose to raise awareness and as much funds to donate as possible.”
Eighteen to enter, 21 to drink, Alpha Phi Delta’s fight against MD features an A-list roster of local bands including self-proclaimed “melodic rock and soul” group Amistad, hip-hop-funk-rockers Funknasty and Bay Ridge’s own Stoop Kids, the strictly ‘90s cover band with a soft spot for Gwen Stefani.

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photo by Meaghan McGoldrick
The Stoop Kids.
“I think that events like this don’t just benefit folks who have MD; they benefit us all,” said Stoop Kids keyboardist and back-up vocalist Rob Randazzo. “Everybody’s lives are enriched by the act of giving. Music is the best way to bring people together for any reason, but especially for a great cause.”
The cause hits close to home for lead singer Courtney Gilbert.
“A kid I went to school with suffered from MD so it definitely touches my heart that we get to do a benefit like this,” said the Bay Ridge resident. “It’s so fulfilling to see people gather and help others. We all share this world we live in and it makes it better when we give what we can to help those in need.”
The boys of Amistad agreed.
“It means a lot to play a show of this kind because not only does it raise money for a good cause, but it also allows people to become aware of something,” noted lead singer Timothy Perez. “Before this show, I didn't know about MD, but after doing some research, I found out that there’s no cure and medications can only slow down the disease.”
“We've always had this mentality that shows shouldn't always be about furthering ourselves as artists and that if we can bring attention to real world problems by playing for a cause, it’s definitely worth it,” added guitarist Frandie Batista.
Drummer Gabriel Merino agreed.
“Helping out for a benefit show means doing what we love to do for a great cause. It’s a win-win,” he said. “It’s part of who I am in Amistad, and part of being a good friend. That’s what we’re about.”
Alpha Phi Delta’s Concert for a Cause will kick off at 7 p.m. at The Leif Bar (6725 Fifth Avenue). The $10 cover will include food, great music and guaranteed-good vibes.
All proceeds will go towards MD research and finding a cure.
For more information on the show or any of the bands playing, visit - HOME REPORTER


Still working on that hot first release.



Guitarist Frandie Batista and vocalist Timothy Perez were in the same high school orchestra for three years, but barely spoke to each other. It wasn't until after college that by fate they met again and rediscovered each other’s musical talents. "Amistad." had already been formed by Frandie who recruited two other musicians. Eventually, one of them dropped out and the other was replaced. At this time, Frandie and Timothy started writing songs together and became a prolific writing duo by combining passionate vocals and music with intricate lyrics. They kept the name "Amistad." and began playing acoustic shows at local venues like Peggy O’Neill’s,The Hideout, and the Sunset Park BID for the annual Make Music New York Festival. In September of 2014, drummer Gabriel Merino (a friend of Timothy’s) began rehearsing with Frandie and Timothy in preparation for the BxC Music Fesitval taking place at Santos' Party House in New York City. In October, Gabriel joined the band as an official member, followed by bassist Jeremy Torres (a good friend of Timothy and Gabriel). The band hit the ground running, playing their first full band set at Peggy O'Neill's in support of Kiirstin Marilyn. Since then, the quartet has gone on to play shows all over New York City in venues such as The Delancey, Arlene's Grocery, BestBar, Drom, and the Studio at Webster Hall while garnering the attention of local press such as "Pancakes and Whiskey". They are currently working on their debut EP titled "& I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry".

Jeremy: “Thanks to Frandie's persistence in continuously asking me to "just jam out" with him and Timothy, my close friend, I first considered attending one of their rehearsals. At that point, the band was already functioning well and just needed a bass player. Seeing Gabe at the rehearsals, committing his free time to playing Amistad's music, I was convinced it was worth it to give it a try. What started off as just supporting a close friend's music grew into a level of commitment out of my heart that I never expected, a new relationship with one of the greatest guys I know (Frandie), and a deeper level of passion and love for music - more importantly, our music. Our first time playing was at Peggy O'Neill's in Coney Island. I knew that day from our cab ride there to the end of our set we were official and there was and is no stopping us. Being a part of "Amistad." inspires me to maintain a lifestyle of friendship, love, kindness and more, which is all of what Amistad. stands for! I love that we as a unit are kept to a standard of living by our name. While I started playing bass about six years ago, my desire and love for it has been growing ever since! And in this new part of life with the band, I am very excited to see where the potential of life and success will take us as a band and as brothers. I literally can't see it any other way or with anybody else". 

Gabriel: “I joined the band around October of 2014. The first time we played was at a studio to prepare for a gig that we were going to play the next day. That was crazy, we had almost no preparation but we played anyway and we stood by what we played. I think we all knew that we were only going to get better. Being part of this band is a part of who I am because I'm playing with friends that I consider to be family. This is not just something I do is something I am."

Timothy: “I love the band and the music we create together. There’s just something amazing about what each person brings to the band. And my dream for us is to take over the international charts.” 

Frandie: The last half year with these kids has been amazing. Literally a dream come true. I'm a firm believer in fate, and there's a reason why we all came together when we did. I believe that's not only to push each other to be better musicians but also to spread a positive message, to let people around the world know that even if they've been hurt they can overcome that and make something positive out of it. After all that's what we're trying to do when we write music".

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