Amistad is an Alternative Rock group from Vernon, B.C. Canada. They deliver energy-filled shows and can always draw a crowd. All the music on the EPK are original compositions.



Amistad is an Alternative/Rock group from Vernon, B.C. Canada. They write honest music with catchy group vocals, experimental guitar and bass lines, and lyrics that stand out above it all. The band consists of: Nolan Bassett (Bass/Vocals), Brent Matterson (Lead Guitar), Carson Bassett (Drums/Percussion), Craig Matterson (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals) and Aidan Andrews (Lead Vocals/Guitar). Amistad won "Best Stage Performance" at the 2012 Our Kids Have Talent Competition. Their influences include Primus, Cage The Elephant, Rise Against, Dan Mangan, Of Monsters and Men and Rage Against The Machine. Their live shows are high energy and they like to include the crowd in the performance. Amistad has recorded and produced a 6-track EP and they are currently recording a full length album. They love playing for others more than anything.


Ivory Wires

Written By: Amistad

Excuse me sir,
could you spare some change,
Another dime another day,
Another day, gone down the drain,

So wash it down with misery,
With wires made of Ivory,
With more pleasure,
Than I'd like to think,

Ohhh, (x4)

I was dying on the street when a good Samaritan found me,
He kicked me, and crushed me,
Underneath his feet,

As cold and white and dead as fear,
A single shining Ivory tear,
Stained with the dirt,
that it held,
so dear,

Ohhh (x4)

Shattered by essential needs,
But no-one seems to hear your pleas,
Are you scared, of what you will be?

We are the waves upon the sea,
In an ocean filled with Anarchy,
Are you scared?
Are you?


Ivory Wires (Demo)

Set List

Original Music:
My Eyes And I
Kaiser Karma
Charles Bonnet Syndrome
Ivory Wires
White Elephant
That Spanish Song

Kids (MGMT)
House Of Gold (twenty one pilots)
Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis)
Going to be friends (The White Stripes)
Tick Tick Boom (The Hives)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow