Ewing, New Jersey, USA

Fresh. Amleah is a combination of progressive style of songwriting, with the hard edge of rock alternative and an injection of intellectual jazz stylization.


For those unfamiliar with the Trenton music scene, Amleah is an established band playing regular gigs throughout the Mercer County area. The combination of a progressive style of song writing, with the hard edge of alternative rock and an injection of intellectual jazz stylization provides a basic description of the experience that is Amleah. Some have tried to categorize them as a fusion of Incubus, My Chemical Romance and System of a Down. But that, again, would be a simplistic comparison to the sound that Amleah has created.

It wouldn’t be fair to introduce Amleah, without paying final respects to the prior incarnation of the band, The Riotones. Six years ago The Riotones swept through New Jersey and parts of eastern Pennsylvania, playing a number of shows and festivals, amassing a respectable fan base for a local act. Consisting of the same three Amleah members; Mike Riot, Calen Courtney and Dan Mosovich, The Riotones shared a love for music and preyed upon the energy that it provided. As individuals do, each member began to mature as a musician by seeking a greater depth of experience through the exploration of other musical avenues. This unfortunately led to the demise of The Riotones. In the end, it would lead to something far greater…

Not long after the boys went their separate ways, they realized how important the chemistry was between them all. Enter Amleah. After a few phone calls and the addition of drummer Anthony Carbone, the ex- Riotones began practicing and writing new songs with a renewed drive and a stronger focus. Feeding off one another’s creativity and knowledge and implementing pieces their own individual musical tastes, they’ve created something that can only be described as unique.

With their new voice, Amleah has set their sights on reaching a greater audience, by expanding their geographic exposure and opening for nationally established acts in larger venues across the country. Amleah will fulfill their potential to be a major act in the music business. It’s inevitable.


In the final stages of recording and producing our first album; The Firefly Design.

Set List

White Devil, White Devil
Billy In 4C
Blue Whales Like Snails With Tails
The Extension
The Firefly Design
In Bed With Eva Braun
Where Ya Been

All Originals that last anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes depending on what songs we play and how much time we have.