Heavy metal/progressive rock band with touches of Iron Maiden/Nightwish/Helloween and sense of mystery and danger.. Prepare to feel the adrenaline and your blood pumping when you listen to our songs..


Coming from many different bands, each member of Ammarah have something special to put in the music that's unique to themselves, to make music that can only be recognized as Ammarah's own. A blend of dark mystery, fear of the unknown, impending destruction and also the agony of lost love.. Our music will surely touch the hearts of people, or ignite hidden desires..

Aliz, vocalist and frontman, with large influences from Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillian and Sebastian Bach, brings into the music fiercesome, and straight, hard rocking melodies.

Lead guitariist Aiz, with his unique style of playing and melodies, influencing from Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, John Petrucci, Michael Romeo, Slash, Vinnie Moore and many more, giving Ammarah the touch of anger and destruction.

Giving the haunting and mysterious sound, keyboardist Allie, classically trained, but tainted with the darkness of rock and metal, having influenced by Nightwish, Bill Evans, Dream Theater, Michael Petrucciani, Ketih Jarrett, Tori Amos, Diablo Swing Orchestra making Ammarah sound unique like no other..

Adding the thunderous rumble to the mix and heavily influenced by Iron Maiden and Metallica, bassist Ruffy with his enchanting bass melodies, giving Ammarah's music something that you just can't let go of hearing.

And finally the backbone of the band, drummer HerryK, influenced by drummers such as John Otto, Dave Lombardo, Chad Smith and Gene Hoglan, giving the hard rocking, heart thumping beat of the heavyness of Ammarah to the masses.

Even though Ammarah is new, each of the members definitely aren't. Having performed in various gigs and shows for many years and gaining experience, each of us have something special to contribute to show to the audiences and fans, to ensure a show that is inspiring and awesome.


Ammarah - Sengsara (single release)

Set List

(not in order, and not every song)
Sengsara (original)
Malapetaka (original)
Ammarah (original)
Rainbow - Stargazer (cover)
Deep Purple - Burn (cover)
Scorpions - Sails of Charon (cover)
Nightwish - Phantom of the Opera (cover)