Ammoye and Rise Ashen
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Ammoye and Rise Ashen

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band EDM Reggae


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"Ammoye & Rise Ashen"

By Daniel Sylvester
Electronic music has always been a blend of genres: Krautrock, plus funk, equals techno; drum & bass, plus ambient, equals IDM; dub, plus two-step, equals dubstep. So it's no surprise when 21st century artists like Ammoye and Rise Ashen come onto the scene, crafting music that pulls from so many worldly sounds. Haffi Win (the first collaboration between Clarendon, Jamaica reggae chanteuse Ammoye and Ottawa, ON DJ Rise Ashen) shows the duo perusing dance genres like records through a milk crate. On songs like "Coming Up" and the title track, Ammoye busts out melodies that come off confident and gallant while Rise Ashen stylishly keeps his beats controlled and high-concept. "New Recipe" slinks in a breathy-funky way that wouldn't sound out of place on a Rihanna album, while "So Good" comes off all low-end, chop shop hip-hop. Although so much ground is covered on Haffi Win, Ammoye and Rise Ashen posses the wherewithal to know their core audience, backpacks and all.
(Balanced) - Exlaim

"Ammoye and Rise Ashen - Haffi Win"

Haffi Win is the first joint full length venture from Ammoye and Rise Ashen’s and is due to be released on 17th September on Balanced Records.
Producer, musician, DJ and dancer Eric Vani (Rise Ashen) supplies the album with a mix of very infectious urban bass throbbing beats and hypnotic melodies from a mix of dancehall and dub reggae infused with hip hop and house, that creep into your psyche, while Ammoye, born and raised in Clarendon JA before moving to Canada, effortlessly enchants listeners with her smooth and easy soulful style.
The lyrical content of these songs are full of consciousness that tells stories of our choices on love, life, justice and how the choices we make can shape us as we either surrender to the challenges they bring or we fight through for what we want and believe to be right.
Standout tracks for me are pulsing title track ‘Haffi Win’, tribalish and trance like ‘Till The Soil And Beat The Drum’, the graceful ‘Bluebirds’ and the extremely clubby ‘Your Love’.
This is an album that most probably won’t appeal to hardened reggae fans, but will appeal hugely to a crossover audience who’ll like it’s very modern and at times R&B feel.
A fine album that will have you grooving, chilling and thinking with equal measure. - Springline Jamaica

"Hot New Dancehall"

? HOTTTTT New Dancehall! ? Ammoye and Rise Ashen - Mad Dem!

Ammoye has done it again! Hotter than
100 pepper seed's, Ammoye teams with
Rise Ashen (the same Rise Ashen who
remixed Trouble) to complete an album
called 'Haffi Win.'

The album is a nice musical array of Reggae
fused with Dancehall and Roots. Lyrically,
Ammoye deals with the case wickedly on
all chunes, especially "Mad Dem!" Whoiii!

Sample the lyrics: Coca Cola bokkle shape /
ah it ah guh mad yuh / peppa all around mih
back / ah it ah guh mad yuh / spice hot hot
hot hot / ah it ah guh mad yuh / you won't
get another bite...

Now set those lyrics to a pounding beat of
'one, two, three,' and a hyperactive beat per
minute, and you have the recipe for a ridiculously
HOTTTT Dancehall chune froma chick who
rides the riddim tighter than a vice grip (did
I really just say that?!)! Lawd!

This is a chune you definitely don't want to miss.
Whether Radio, Dancehall, Club or mixtape,
don't sleep, pause or blink, and don't say I
didn't tell you!

Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Ammoye
and Rise Ashen with the chune "Mad Dem"

P.S. As you read this (provided that you're
reading it on June 29th), Ammoye is performing
live in China for international delegates from
around the world! She will also be performing
at the 3rd Annual Ottawa Reggae Festival. More
details to come! - The Famous Face

"Ammoye - Interview 2010"

If you dig into the canadian reggaescene there is one name that you will definetly discover really quick: Ammoye. Ammoye has worked with Juno award winning artists Dubmatix and Michael Buble, as well as Kreesha Turner, Corey Lee, Anjulie and Najja Calibur of Najjah's World, and others including Rise Ashen for their debut release "Haffi Win" (Balanced Records). Toronto based Ammoye is a multi-genre vocalist and therefore at home in different musical genres such as Reggae, R'n'B and Hip Hop. A unique voice and a style that can deal with a variety of music makes her special!

When you were young you emigrated to Toronto with your mother. What were your first impressions of the cultural differences between Jamaica and Canada?

My first impression when I first arrived in Canada was how multicultural it was - all the different races and cultures. It was exciting for me and I couldn't wait to start my new life in this new world. You see up until that point I had only interacted with 1 caucasian person ever. Most of the time I would only see them on TV. In Jamaica most of the people looked just like I did and so honestly I never considered race until I came to Canada. Seeing and interacting with all the different races here, was new but exciting and enlightening learning experience. Canada being so multicultural definitely made an impact on me and affected my life in a very positive way. My music shows that because it has so many influences in there. Reggae, house, dance, Hip Hop, R'n'B, Soul and more.

Since you grew up in Jamaica, Clarendon to be precise, you got in touch with reggae, dance hall and hip hop. Then living in Canada you opened your own music towards rock and soul music. So by now you are including even more different musical influences in your music. Does this versatility have some-thing to do with not wanting to be compartmentalized or categorized?

Yes, a little bit. I don't want to be put in a box and told to conform to someone else's idea of who and what an artist should be. I love music, all kinds of different styles of music. They all inspire and influence me in different ways and so that colors my music and makes it what it is and how you hear me deliver it. The music I create I call it Jamma, to me that means Jamaican flava meets North American influenced style of music. Its eclectic, diverse, hard, rough, smooth, spiritual and full of honest emotions.

Coming back to Reggae and Dancehall. You are based in Toronto and are among the most active artists in the city. How would you describe the present reggaescene concerning artists and audiences. Is there a community thing going on?

Yes, there is definitely a community thing as you call it going on here in Toronto when it comes to the reggaescene. Most of the veteran reggae artists like Beres Hammond, Barrington Levy, Sly and Robbie and people like Marcia Griffith, just to name a few, still play to sell out shows here very regularly. As well there are always concerts being held across the city every several months featuring all kinds of various reggae artists brought up from Jamaica or other parts of the world to perform. Most times when these concerts are held they're sold out. However Reggae for some reason still remains more underground than mainstream. Reggaesongs are not consistently being played on mainstream radio here in Toronto, but I do see it growing and changing for the better each year.

Who would you point out as the main actors in Toronto's reggae scene?

For me personally in the reggaescene here in Toronto right now are people like Dubmatix, Steele, Tanya Mullings, Carl Henry, Friendlyness and Human Rights as well as Artist like Humble who are the main actors on the scene currently. These names you hear all the time.

Jay Douglas and Ammoye (Foto: Roger Humbert)

I have seen a picture of you and Jay Douglas, a Toronto based veteran, performing on stage. What do you admire most about this exceptional artist?

I love Jay's wisdom and humility as a well seasoned artist. He gave me valuable advise pertaining to the business side of things and he's very sincere and giving when he performs. He always performs effortlessly and makes it all looks so easy, a natural.

Which artists would you consider as mentors for yourself – from early childhood up to today?

Ohh, I love this question because I get a chance to talk about my biggest influence when it comes to music, Bob Marley! He is my biggest mentor. I love and respect his writing, him as a performer, a man that had no issues with standing up and representing for equal rights and justice. He was a teacher and a philosopher to me. I am definitely aspired by him to write timeless songs like he did and be an instrument of love and hope for my people and all people bringing us together through music like he did. Other mentors for me in music are people like Sade, Lauryn Hill, Regina Belle, Anita Baker, Eryka Badu, Beyonce, Micheal Jackson, Carlene Davis, Whitne - Irie Ites

"Rise Ashen reinvents himself"

Rise Ashen is on the rise again.

The multitasking, talented Ottawa B-Boy and DJ has a knack for reinventing himself every decade. Eric Vani, aka Rise Ashen, keeps rising out of the ashes.

Ashen is launching Haffi Win, a new disc of beat-crazy dance music recorded with Version Xcursion vocalist Ammoye, Friday at the Mercury Lounge.

Recorded and produced in Ashen’s home studio, Haffi Win (Jamaican for “have to win”) is a sexy, funky dancehall record — one that took the prolific, and pioneering DJ five years to write and produce.

“Some of the beats I’ve been working on since 2005,” he declares. “That’s DJ-ing. Most everything I’ve done has been solo. Sometimes it’s easier to produce with other people in mind because you eliminate all the infinite possibilities you want. But I can get pretty intense when I’m remixing.”

While there’s been a sharp rise in the number of DJs and bands who romanticize vinyl, Ashen, 35, who cut his teeth as one of Ottawa’s first superstar DJs, loves the new digital technology.

“I’m a luddite when it comes to some technology, but recording equipment today sounds great and is so portable. Some people in the industry will only use analogue equipment, but really, the quality of recordings was pretty awful.”

That’s when Ashen shares one of his secrets. When he’s mixing MP3 or CDs, he’ll sometimes add layer and layer of that crunching sound a record makes on a turntable.

“It sounds a bit like an ocean. People find it soothing.” Then, he remembers something the American DJ R. Chris Murphy said many years ago.

“Getting excited about the gear in a studio is like getting excited about the knives and forks in a restaurant.”

Since the late-1980s, Ashen’s released seven solo CDs, three dozen 12” remixes and countless mixed CDs with Juno award winner Miguel Graca, Fred Everything, Trevor Walker, Blissom and Teknostep. His music has appeared on the compilations of renowned DJs like Rainer Truby and Roger Sanchez, and has been played by the likes of Masters at Work, Gilles Peterson, Maurice Fulton, Bonobo, 0db, Jimpster and Ted Patterson.

“Recording is going to be a lot like desktop publishing in the 1980s when everyone was going to write and publish their own book. Yes, the technology is getting better, but you still have to do something great.”
- Ottawa Sun


Rise Ashen Discography 2010 - CD=Compact Disc / V=Vinyl / D=Digital

Ammoye and Rise Ashen - Haffi Win - Balanced Records - CD - '10
Citizen Sound ft. Amoye – Trouble – Rise Ashen Club Mix – Balanced Records - '10 - D
Rise Ashen & Stephane Lefrancois - Venenosa - Balanced House - D
Kobotown – Abatina – Rise Ashen “Rise Again” Remix – TBA
Issa Bagayogo – Filaw & Poye Rise Ashen Remixes – 6 Degrees Records – CD+D – ‘09
Mikooshka ft. Ulysses Castellanos – Coconut Radio – Rise Ashen Remix – Mikooshka – D – ‘09
Bombay Dub Orchestra – Journey – Rise Ashen’s Nataraj Dub – 6 Degrees – V+CD+D – ‘09
Karsh Kale – Manifest – Rise Ashen’s Rise Up Remix – 6 Degrees Records – V+CD+D – ‘08
Miguel Graca – Celebr8 – Rise Ashen Club Mix – Pronto Musique – V+CD+D – ‘08
Leaf System – Broken Democracy ft. Malual Luat –
Rise Ashen Remix – Northern Faction 4 Compilation – Balanced – CD+D – ‘08
Rise Ashen + Trevor Walker Ft. Joseph Malik – In a Drinking Way – Mercury Lounge – CD – ‘07
Solidaze – Curve 7 – Rise Ashen Remix – Licensed to Link Pins Comp – Balanced – CD+D ‘07
Rise Ashen and Blissom – Chicken Soup Licensed to Link Pins Comp – Balanced – CD+D – ‘07
Miguel Graca ft. Rise Ashen – Are you doing it? – Trigger Recordings – CD+D – ‘07
Moe Kauffman - Curried Soul (As it Happens Theme Song) –
Rise Ashen Mashup – CBC Records – CD+D - ‘06
Rise Ashen – Yellow and Green – NF 3 Compilation – Balanced - CD+D – ‘06
Aiwa – Pharagonesica + Elnar + Dioud – Rise Ashen RMXs – Wickidd Records – V+CD+D – ‘06
Cravo E Canela – Lamentament ft. Rise Ashen – Trigger Records - V+CD+D – ‘06
Rise Ashen and Blissom – Something Wicked (Full Length) – Fossilfuel – 05
Rise Ashen and Blissom – Reachin – Dub –Fu – CD-D – ‘05
Rise Ashen – Crazy Spirit (Full-Length) – Fossilfuel – CD - ‘05
Geoffrey Oriyema – Piri Wango Iya – Rise Ashen Remix – Gotsoul V-CD-D – ‘04 –
Licensed 2 Masters At Work Soul Heaven Comp – Defected – V-CD-D – ‘04
Fred Everything ft Rise Ashen – Light of Day – 20-20 Vision – 2004 – CD-Vinyl-Digital
Rise Ashen + Trevor Walker ft. Shaun Escofferey – Music in my life – Gotsoul – V+CD+D – ‘05
Quentin Harris – Southport Weekender Compilation – SUSU Records – ‘06
Montreal Afterdark Comp – Kinysweet Records – CD – ‘06
Licensed to Chez Nous Compilation – Mile End Music CD – ‘05
Rise Ashen and Trevor Walker – Hummer – Zouk Club Compilation – CD – ‘04
Duke Ellington – Jingle Bells – Rise Ashen Reindeer Dub – Rock River - ‘04
Licensed to Banana Republic, Sunglass Hut and Club Monaco – In-store-play + CD – ‘04
Johny Mercer - Winter Wonderland – Rise Ashen Bazillian Beach Mix – 6 Degrees – CD-D – ‘03
BAW Collective – Don’t Stop – DO RIGHT V+CD+D – ‘03
Bob Holroyd – Rafiki – Rise Ashen Future Tribal Mix – 6 Degrees – V–CD-D – ‘03
Rise Ashen – Earth Dragon – (Full-Length) – Fossilfuel – V+CD – ‘03
Rise Ashen - Second Wind Club Dub – Bombay Records – V+CD – ’02
Licensed to Roger Sanchez for Release Yourself Comp 2003
Licensed to Doc Martin for CD comp – ‘03
Licensed to Defected for Ministry of Sound Comp – Defected - V+CD - ‘04
Licensed to DOC MARTIN – FABRIC 10 – Fabric Records – ‘03
Licensed 2 Starbucks Asia - Winterhouse Comp – CD – ‘07
Rise Ashen - Second Wind (Blissom RMX) – Spot Records – V+CD - 02
Licensed to NRK for Joeski and Onionz Nu York Nitelife – V+CD – ‘02
Licensed to Meta 4 - Sunset Nights Compilation – Nettwerk – ‘03
Bebel Gilberto – Aganju – Rise Ashen and Trevor Walker Remix – 6 Degrees – CD – ‘03
Miguel Graca and Trevor Walker – Talking Drum (Rise Ashen RMX) – Pronto Musique – 2003
Rise Ashen - Torn (Blissom Remix) – SPOT – V+CD – ‘02
Licensed to Compost for Glucklich 5 compiled by Rainer Truby - SONY MUSIC – ‘02
Licensed to The White Room compilation – Sony Music – ‘04
Licensed Private Lounge 3 Compilation – INCA Music – CD – ‘04

Rise Ashen - Beat Generation  - Licensed 2 Oli Rosh Slo Mo3 Comp. - Stereo Deluxe – CD – ‘02
Rise Ashen and Trevor Walker - Batucada Ostinata EP - Afroart – V+CD – ‘02?Blissom and Ashen - Mr Tran Travels in Sound – SPOT – V+CD – ‘02
Blissom and Ashen Snake Eyes (Ashen and Walker remixes) - - SPOT – V+CD – ‘02
Jaeson Lee + Hawke - Cirque Ouest Rise Ashen &Trevor Walker Remix - Sunburn – V+CD – ‘02
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Trevor Walker and Rise Ashen – Common Ground (Full Length)– Fossilfuel – CD - ‘01
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Rise Ashen – Drive to Capri – Recreation Records – V+CD – ‘00
Rise Ashen - Jump Down EP – Fossilfuel – V+CD – ‘99
Rise Ashen – Urban Fugues – Fossilfuel – CD – ‘99



Producer, Musician, DJ and Dancer Eric Vani (Rise Ashen) has devoted his life to the study of sound and movement, applying hi-fi knowhow to underground music. Focusing on nu-jazz, breaks and house, as a DJ, he mashes and blends it with traditional and popular music from across the globe. Rise Ashen has collaborated with Juno award winner Miguel Graca, Fred Everything, Trevor Walker, Blissom and Teknostep, and is pulled from the crates of DJs like Rainer Truby, Roger Sanchez, Masters at Work, Gilles Peterson, Laurent Garnier, Maurice Fulton, Bonobo, and 0db, among others.

Born and raised by her grandparents in Clarendon, Jamaica, Ammoye found solace from life's trials and tribulations by singing in the church choir, as well from the top of her favourite mango tree. After completing high school, she moved to Canada to be with her mother, and began using song to mobilize others and cultivate music in the community. Between regular touring, Ammoye spends her time in the studio on solo work and in collaboration with others. Influenced by reggae, rock, hip and soul, Ammoye has worked with Juno award winning artists Dubmatix and Michael Buble, as well as Kreesha Turner, Corey Lee, Anjulie and Calibur of NajjahsWorld, and others including Rise Ashen.