Amnesty is the musical story of four choice individuals who have come together to create a soundscape of lucid harmonious melody and pure sonic destruction. Combining elements of old school thrash and heavy metal with progressive and hard rock, Amnesty forges a new, exciting brand of metal.


Amnesty is in your face.

This is no holds barred music at its best.

Reforged and mastered in October of 2005 with the addition of vocalist Steve, Amnesty has become an ever growing force in the Florida Metal scene. Playing from Pensacola to Tampa and everywhere in between, Amnesty has been delivering explosive stage shows and a refreshing brand of metal in every city.

Amnesty has sold well over 500 copies of their debut EP "Everything dies..." in the first few months of its release, proving outstanding marketability.

Combining elements of old school thrash and heavy metal with progressive and hard rock Amnesty has been compared to artists like: Soulfly, 36 Crazy Fists, Acid Bath, Slipknot, System of a Down, Slayer, Metallica, Devildriver, and Rage Against the Machien.

Check Amnesty out on tour on one of our Florida/Georgia dates...

The most exciting band you have yet to see, and you won't soon forget.


"Everything Dies... " (2006)

Upcoming Full Live Album/DVD (Winter 2006/Spring 2007)

We have been fetured on:

101.1 WJRR Native Noise
Black Sheep On-line Radio
Insomnia Radio
The Extra Super Action Show

Set List

Amnesty is an all original band. Our average set is 30-45 minutes, but we can play up to two hour sets if it is needed.

Here is an example of a average 30 minute set:
Bullets- 3:15
Wear my Pain-3:25
Buried Alive-4:00
To Gaia-4:00
8 Years-3:10

Total-30 minutes