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This band has not uploaded any videos



"LAUnderground presents....."
- LAUnderground


"prAisegOd4theLIGHTwWthINme" 7'single-allLOVEus records2007
"AmenNAmO" -allLOVEus records 2007



If a river flowed to the ocean the same way people move toward their desires and aspirations, the natural world would be a mess. As soon as we define parameters for our lives, we interfere (enter-fear) with our journey's element of surprise and wonder.
For us, music is key to opening pathways into an environment where we can see more clearly how we work together to nurture harmony and love. MUSIC is the language of LOVE and HARMONY, and is a powerful force that mobilizes people to find their voice in the inner, and outer, worlds. Music that moves is music that changes. There is no arrival or destination for music other than to continue moving and changing. Unfortunately, the best way for us to provide music for people is in a format that is popular and palatable, so we've designed songs that have a beginning and an ending, are an endurable length of time, and contain an defined configuration of musical notes. We made a record with nine of these songs on it. It's called AmenNAmo. We're going to make another record soon with more songs on it. We get together two days a week to practice these musics. Every time we play we get closer to each other, both musically and personally. The songs begin to sound less like an idea and more like a feeling. All Love Us look forward to the days we play. All Love Us are excited about the future. All Love Us are hungry to feed people. All Love Us are trying to remember that we always will forget to be like Rivers, flowing into All Love Our Loves!