Amniotica is the moment that come before the childbirth,where everything that surround us is sweet and maternal.Every single sound,every single note,every word..It's birth;open the eyes and realize the insane hope in a full colored world,snatched now by a steamed up reality from an hypocrite light.


The group was born in the summer of 2003 from the phisicadelycal 60-70 rock and the dark-melancholic of 80' inspirations

From the february of 2008 the Amniotica work with Maurizio Ferrante, that with his supervision, recorded in may the first single called “The Romance”, produced by the indi label D.O.S. Supported by a radio and live show.


first unknown EP - 2005 EP
Proud Like You - 2007 single and EP
The Romance - 2008 single and EP
Fly - 2009 single