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"A.M. ObSCENE -Key Club, Hollywood"

A.M. ObSCENE:Damion Ross, lead vocals; Matti Jade, lead guitar; Damii Leroy, bass; Vinny Brando, drums.

A.M. Obscene is a current blend of Buckcherry and Mötley Crüe with a dash of Lenny Kravitz. A.M.’s powerful and driving guitar riffs over hook infested choruses display front man Damion Ross’s vocal ability in songs like “4am Hollywood” and “Can’t Slow Down”. The band shines as all four members sing in “Freak Show” and “Control” driving their message loud into the audience. A.M. Obscene’s sound is appealing for radio and demonstrates enough pop to crank-it-up.

Damion Ross exhibits a strong yet soulful vocal style while lead guitarist Matti Jade’s rock riffs flow from pounding verses and epic choruses to well-timed solos. Bassist Damii Leroy and drummer Vinny Brando combine to provide a solid foundation for A.M. Obscene’s songs to build in to a modern version of classic Sunset Strip rock.

A.M. Obscene is not lacking in showmanship with four musicians all presenting their own flare on their respective instruments. A singer with stage presence reminiscent of Scott Weiland, a drummer that fills time by twirling his drumsticks in to cymbal hits, a bassist that plays with authority and a lead guitarist that solos behind his head and manages to catch every note.

A.M. Obscene is a band that knows who they are and the audience they are looking to find. The band has excellent stage presence and musicianship while writing radio-friendly rock anthems that echo in your head long after the show. They can be found playing shows all around Los Angeles and more specifically, the Sunset Strip.
--Adam Pompili, Music Connection

- Adam Pompili, Music Connection

"Dug Pinnick, King's X"

"great stuff!! when's the next show!"

- lead singer, bassist


Track "4 A.M. Hollywood" #1 requested song on Top Rock Radio three weeks straight, stayed in top 5 six weeks



A.M. OBSCENE: Soaring melodies, powerhouse vocals, monstrous riffs and larger than life showmanship are the core of A.M. ObSCENE.

Led by their large, hard rockin sound, raw, unbridled sex appeal makes a swooping comeback into the rock genre. Spanning 2 continents, A.M. ObSCENE explodes with a timeless passion usually reserved for mega bands of previous eras.

A true "Myspace Band" in every sense, the boys came together via a myspace.com classifieds add. Searching for members to form the ultimate rock n' roll band, and not finding what he wanted in the hollywood scene, Damion posted on myspace. The result was 3 hard rocking lads from Milano, Italy selling everything they owned and heading across the world to Los angeles.
The rest is, as they say, history... in the making.

The roaring vocals of Damion Ross, screaming guitars of Matti Jade, thundering bass of Damii Leroy & earth shaking drums of Vinny Brando, round out this nuclear arsenal.

If current buzz is any indication, the music world should prepare for an onslaught of ObSCENE proportions!!!