Big, sexy, powerful, melodic, arena bound rock n' roll, played by 4 four musical jesters ready to sweat it out under the big lights of the world stage just for you...


A.M. OBSCENE: Soaring melodies, powerhouse vocals, monstrous riffs and larger than life showmanship are the core of A.M. ObSCENE.

Led by their large, hard rockin sound, raw, unbridled sex appeal makes a swooping comeback into the rock genre. Spanning 2 continents, A.M. ObSCENE explodes with a timeless passion usually reserved for mega bands of previous eras.

A true "Myspace Band" in every sense, the boys came together via a myspace.com classifieds add. Searching for members to form the ultimate rock n' roll band, and not finding what he wanted in the hollywood scene, Damion posted on myspace. The result was 3 hard rocking lads from Milano, Italy selling everything they owned and heading across the world to Los angeles.
The rest is, as they say, history... in the making.

The roaring vocals of Damion Ross, screaming guitars of Matti Jade, thundering bass of Damii Leroy & earth shaking drums of Vinny Brando, round out this nuclear arsenal.

If current buzz is any indication, the music world should prepare for an onslaught of ObSCENE proportions!!!


Track "4 A.M. Hollywood" #1 requested song on Top Rock Radio three weeks straight, stayed in top 5 six weeks

Set List

1. Get In
2. FreakShow
3. Control
4. Bleed U Out
5. Like A Train
6. 4 A.M. Hollywood
7. Can't Slow Down
8. Chemical Disaster
9. Falling Away
10. Lights Out

Set duration: 35-40 minutes