A Modern Bison

A Modern Bison


A Modern Bison's music has been inspired by a array of folk, classic rock, and alternative rock artists. The foundation of the music is generally guitar/vocal folk, upon which the layers of keys, guitar, bass, and rhythm is carefully constructed. The result is a strong-rooted base for exploration.


The band was formed in July, 2006 when Dan Schulte learned that two of his home-state friends and musicians, Mike Tritt and Ryan Douglas, were moving to Chicago. Once the idea of playing together surfaced, two fellow engineers and friends of Dan's, Dolan McMillan and Paul Vaicik joined the group.

Mike and Dan, the primary songwriters in the band, bring base material to the band, some with and some without lyrics. The influences differentiate their writing from one another, though the band brings a unifying style to provide both a theme and variety to a set.

The band plays an energetic live set, with strong alternative rock influences and touches of electronica and other genres. The ever-changing, rotating live set list includes over 25 original songs with at least 2 new songs featured every show.


Demonstration (5 tracks)
Lights On
Get a Job
Summer Lush

Set List

Our sets are generally one hour long. We have 2 sets with encores for private parties. Sets are chosen from the following:

1. Intro
2. Getting Old
3. Summer Lush
4. Get A Job
5. 6 Months
6. PA
7. Interstate
8. Lame Duck
9. Simple Times
10. Crack
11. Standard Deviation
12. On the Table
13. Neuro
14. Momentary Lapse
15. Soon After the Sun
16. 1-4-5
17. Just Notation
18. Another Song About Booze
19. Dinslage
20. Look So Good
21. Staring Contest
22. Looking Back (Dan's acoustic)
23. Socialite
24. Pirates
25. Playground
26. Artist's Trick
27. Rebellious Phase
28. Lights On
29. Playground