A Moment Alone

A Moment Alone



A Moment Alone...
A name which came from the belief that some of the most relevant and powerful decisions, thoughts, and epiphanies come from those brief moments that you are alone with nothing but time to reflect on your life. The four members; Jason, Clint, Josh, and John came together in mid 2006, hailing from other bands such Blinded By Saturn, Theory, and Southpaww. Being friends for many years, the four decided to get together and write. It really doesnt get much simpler than that, I suppose. We are a band based out of Fort Myers, Florida, and we are ready to tell our story to the world. Music is a direct reflection of life and life is a story, so listen to our music and hear our stories.
(*Notice: All music has been tested to work as an acoustic show*)

Set List

1. Bad Days
2. Tear Me Away
3. In The Rain
4. CounterPoint
5. Memories Ashes
6. Black As Day
7. Piece By Piece
8. Guilty
9. The Truth
10. The Last To Know
11. Stay Awake
12. Dirty Girl
13. Thoughts On Paper
14. Burning Portraits

Cover: Leader Of Men : By "Nickleback"
Cover: Heroes : By "Shinedown"
Cover: Clean My Wounds : By "COC"