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A Moments Notice

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We are a Christian Indie Rock band from Elk Grove, CA. We represent Jesus Christ through our music and talents, telling teens just like us of something greater. All glory to God for what he has done for us and for the ways he is working through us. Our EP has just recently came out on myspace 3-1-08


California based Christian band A Moments Notice, has delivered energetic performances and a solid sound to the local music scene since its conception on the exact date of April 8th, 2005. The band's sophmore release "Masquerade" was recorded in Summer 07, and is now being sold on iTunes and at select California retailers. After the debut of “Masquerade” A Moments Notice plans to release their EP "Every season Under Heaven" (Recorded Jan. 2008) in Spring 2008.
The band has had numerous interviews and articles in their local newspaper The Elk Grove Citizen. Being able to share the stage with bands such as Ivoryline (Tooth and Nail Records), Greeley Estates (Science Records/Ferret Music), and Emarosa (Rise Records), has enabled them to expand to new heights and an increase in their fan base. A Moments Notice participates and has participated in numerous contests; The date, February 23, held the competition "The Jammies" located in Sacramento CA. AMN had a victorious victory by placing first and recieved a record deal of 25 hours. They also are curently being played on the local radio station 98 rock, Local lycks. Prior to this sold out competition, A Moments Notice took first place in Sacramento’s Teen Idol competition (Battle of The Bands). These young musicians are not afraid to showcase their God given talents anywhere their hearts take them. Musical diversity is often displayed within A Moments Notice because of their ability to lead Worship sets as well as their original music. With their modern style, A Moments Notice reaches a core group of teenagers who wish to seek God through heart felt music and lyrics.


When A Moments Notice began, our hearts were set on creating music. Shortly after the moment we first began, we took matters into our own hands by creating our first album "Since Ever" consisting of 11 songs. A little over a year down the road, we were picked up by this company called "Green Light Firm" who insisted that we record with Pendlwood Studios. Here we created our first single CD "Masquerade" in the summer of 07. In December of 2007, We went back to Arizona to record our EP entitled "Every Season Under Heaven". ESUH is do to be out spring of 08. Masquerade has been aired numerous times on the radio station 98 rock, Local Lycks.

Set List

We can manage a set list ranging from one song (about 4 Minutes) to a live show between 1 hour and 2. We usually perform sets a half an hour or more, depending on the type of show. We cover worship songs and play them here and there when the moments call for them but mainly present our music.