Among Ashes

Among Ashes


Among Ashes hails from Ottawa, Canada's national capital. We are a Metalcore band with influences ranging from Killswitch Engage to In Flames, etc.


Among Ashes is a Metalcore band hailing from Ottawa, Canada’s national capital. Combining influences ranging from Metal’s most extreme sub-genres to modern Metalcore to Prog, Among Ashes is a new and unique band ready to challenge anyone in their path.

The band rose from its ashes in May of 2004 when guitarists Aaron Homma and Pete Saumure decided to start a band. Aaron only had one drummer in mind, Paul Gillespie, who then joined the band. After auditioning different bassists, they found Kyle Johnson, a young bassist who literally lived down the street. For months, they searched for a vocalist and soon found Nick Hughes. Feeling that they were missing something, they found Christina Abraham who joined as vocalist and keyboardist.

Among Ashes was now born and the future is shining bright on their souls.