Chatsworth, Georgia, USA

We're AmongstTheGiant, 6 guys from Chatsworth, GA, with 6 different personalities that all form together for the same passion, the love of music.


AmongstTheGiant is a post-hardcore/metal band from the back roots of Chatsworth, GA. This group consists of Alex Martinez on lead vocals, Ryan Greeson, Hunter Ford and Cody Cox on the guitars, Brenden Worthington on bass guitar and Derek Carnes on drums. Starting in early 2010, these boys began their journey in a building in Ryan's backyard. Starting out as a group playing cover songs with each other and getting used to one other, they quickly grew together as one. As of now, you can catch AmongstTheGiant writing and recording new music and playing shows around the states of Georgia and Tennessee, but they are not bound to that area. They are working on getting themselves ready for the long-haul. Be ready for AmongstTheGiant in the future because these boys are here to stay.


Dr. Prada

Written By: AmongstTheGiant

How could you do this to us? Bitch!
If sheets could speak, they'd tell the tale!
Of a broken heart, and constant fail!
Your disease will kill, your plague will spread!
Your fate is ill, your mind is dead!

You're a walking, talking waste of flesh!
Your mind is corrupt, there's nothing left!
A piece of meat, you're nothing more!
A nameless grave, you're heading towards!

There's nothing left of you!
Always on your fucking knees!
Lies seeping from your lips!
You will die in infamy!

There is so much hate, so much hate I can not breathe, and no you could never be anything!
There is so much rage, so much rage my eyes can't see, and no you will never mean anything!

I can't take anymore of your pitiful ways, so here's to you bitch, fuck you!


Getting This Off My Chest (March 2012)

Set List

Weight Lifted
Archaic Existence
You Can't Miss The Bear
This One's For You
Where Ancients Tread
Party Like A Rock Star
Dr. Prada