We are an ever evolving and changing collection of musicians playing songs based on and inspired by the music of Appalacia. With the energy of an old punk matinee and the feel of a bygone radio hour, we treat no song as a dormant relic.


Since the Verve release of their self-titled album last summer, tours in both the United States and England, Among The Oak & Ash is once again being re-imagined by Joplin this time with help from David Mayfield, producer and guitarist for bluegrass favorites Cadillac Sky.

Josh and David met while Among The Oak & Ash were on the road opening for David’s sister, songstress Jessica Lea Mayfield for whom David played bass. Finding that they had much in common, both loved The Golden Gate Quartet, both had dropped out of high school in the ninth grade, both were grateful for their luck to make a living playing music so it didn’t take long before they became friends and Mayfield began sitting in on their set playing mandolin and banjo.

After coming home to New York, Joplin called his friend David Mayfield in Nashville, and together they decided that they might as well record the songs Josh had been writing. Immediately after their conversation Joplin scheduled studio time with his friend Brian Harrison at The Rendering Plant where he co-produced the last record.

With a wide cast of characters including Bailey Cooke on vocals and banjo, Ben Martin (Clem Snide) on drums, Richie Kirkpatrick (Ghostfinger) on electric, Jeremy Darrow (The Dixie Beeliners) on upright bass, Big Mike Harris and Brett Moore (Apache Relay), Bailey Ward Stout on fiddle, and additional singing by Jessica Lea Mayfield, Lucy Wainright-Roche and Rachael Hester.

David and Josh finished the record in two days.


Among The Oak & Ash
Untitled Release (For 2010)

Set List

A Set List:
Angel Gabriel
Don't You Weep
All The Pretty Little Horses
Billy Boy & The Good Girl
Hiram Hubbard
The Redemption Of John Hardy
The Housewife's Lament
Devil Ship
Among The Oak & Ash
Joe Hill
New York City, New York
High Low and Wide