Among The Risen

Among The Risen

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Among The Risen is a progressive hard rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2010, the group's name is derived to prevail and ignite inspiration!


Among The Risen is a progressive rock band from Phoenix, Arizona that formed in 2010. Two of the members, Vocalist Chris "Jax" Lawson and Drummer Scott "MachineGun" Smith were in the same previous band together and recorded their first album in 2009. They have since acquired Guitarist Charlie Ohton and Bassist Scott Pataska to form a melodic, aggressive style of writing to connect with people that can relate to real life experiences with the capacity to triumph and prevail over any circumstances.


Our single "Unscathed" is just demo song, but with over 50,000 views on our YouTube you can hear at:

You can check out our other demo song "To Live is to Die" at: