Among Us

Among Us


Emotionally charged power rock with a message that uplifts the mind, soothes the soul, and makes one's heart beat in breakdowns.


Among Us was formed in the spring of 2005, consisting of former members of Blacktop (PA), Spaztik(CT) Minus You(NC) and Inemy Chain (PA).

Among Us (out of Philadelphia, PA), have a powerful stand-out line-up, with their goal of taking their showcased talents and music to the next level. With one listen, the crushing intensity of Bryan Brenizer's vocals and lyrics hook you in and don't let you go for a minute. Guitarist Dave Trewhellas unique style can be heard on songs like "Closer", and "Best Part of Me", where he blends melodies and rhythms normally held up by the piano and drums(instruments that he also plays masterfully). The rhythm section has its share of talent as well. When James and Shawn play together, the bass and drums form a cohesive substance that holds it all together like atomic superglue. This crew has been friends, bandmates, and finally they have come together to form what is among us. It would take to long to describe in detail the energetic chemistry that manifests itself everytime these boys take the stage.

New but familiar, Among Us breaks the boundaries of todays flooded market of emo and introduces a sound so raw and powerful it urges you to open your eyes and take notice of your surroundings. Within one song, Brenizer rips at your heart with bleeding screams only to leave you with delicately elegant harmonies which soothe your mind.

With bands out there who could easily put on mascara and write blatantly sappy songs, Among Us have instead spilled their guts and taken the plunge into the unknown - a move we could use far more of in the future. With over ten years of musical talent to bring with each of the members, this band is to be watched closely.

Among Us has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands like Blindside (Elektra Records) Neurosonic (BoDog Records) Evans Blue (Hollywood Records), Framing Hanley (Warner Brothers) and many other stand out performers.

Among Us recorded their first official EP at Lakeside Studios in Knoxville, TN, produced, mixed and engineered by Travis Wyrick (POD, Pillar, 10 Years, Disciple, Spoken, Inhale/Exhale, etc) The EP is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2009.


Promises Held

Written By: Among Us

I’ve burned down all the bridges
To promote the constant claims
That I need You in my heart
And as I strike the match
I awake my conscience
I realize the truth I hide (will never die)

A unique beginning just like You
A beautiful moment still rang true (forever forsaken)
The choice to commit is the hardest part
I cannot escape You’re in my heart. (forever forsaken)

As I invite the truth
That will consume my mind
It fills the void deep within
It seems I’m giving up
Time to let go of the doubt inside
I cannot hide (why won’t it die?)

It’s over now.

I need You in my heart.

Lost and Found

Written By: Among Us

As i seek to follow all my dreams
Visions of You flash across the screen
A new beginning. Another chance to breathe.
Who would have thought You'd be there for me

You'd think that love was blind.
When imitations were all I'd find
You'd think that love was blind
I once was lost, now I've been found
I was too blinded to see.
I'm living without the fear.

These soothing sounds I've heard before.
I'm once forewarned, but I still listen.
This new reality, left me breathless
I won't turn away.

Put aside the depression, the hurt and the pain. Don't live life with regrets, learn from the mistakes.
These memories of past, I've got to let them go.

You were the sign for me.
In my heart, You'll find life.

The Best Part Of Me

Written By: Among Us

Looking back just stops my heart.
A promise that i tore apart.
Stops forward, fade on broken glass.
A beautiful future now in the past.

You'll always be the best part of me.
I broke the ties, and now i'll never be free.
Regret is a word i cannot convey.
The life-long promise I'm going to pay.

Letting my struggles take their hold.
Shallow release became my goal.
Turn my back to try and care.
Now I'd die to have you near.


self-titled EP - produced by Travis Wyrick (Pillar, Disciple, Inhale/Exhale)

Set List

9-11 songs
no covers
our set depending on time-frame in band lineup can range from 25 minutes to an hour.