Armageddon Monks

Armageddon Monks


Armageddon Monks is a modern hard rock/metal band. Our music features a strong rhythm section, real riffs, dual lead guitars, and prominent vocal harmonies.


Armageddon Monks has been together since late 2003, and has since released two full-length albums, entitled "Cataclysm" and "Revival". The original vocalist - one of the founding members and the singer featured on the first 3 musical releases, Aamir Basheer, stepped down in early 2007. A new vocalist, Matt Kelly, has recently joined the group.

Unlike the music of most popular bands today, Armageddon Monks' music is riff-based. It balances intricate guitar lines with a straightforward, pounding rhythm section to get your body moving. A mix of modern melodic vocals and harmonies, and old-school head-banging instrumentals makes this band unique.


Cataclysm (Full-Length) - 2005
Revival (Full-Length) - 2006/2007
Come Inside (EP) - 2007
Armageddon Monks (Full-Length) - 2007

Tracks from our self-titled 2007 album are played frequently on WVBR (93.5FM) Ithaca, NY.

Set List

Our typical Set list is 45 minutes to an hour long. The normal set features the following songs:

Come Inside
Where We Lie
Long Way Down
Bombs Away
City Limits
Say It Again
Carried Away

Longer sets include other original songs:

No Day Like Tomorrow