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my music i put out is lyricaly strong and in your face right to the point of what i am expressing,some things based on experience and some things from a fustrated environment the listener will feel me accept it or not.


Right now i feel what i am writing and producing
can become hits my music reflects different issues in the world and further in the future, and for the plus i got a few commercial radio friendly tracks,

i came up listening to LL, runDmc.Rakim Big Daddy kane ,Public enemy Brand Nubians KRS one all these cats all together with my personal experience and world influences ie philosophys brings about Amon-Ra the balance in hip-hop
As of late i have two albums under my belt the Balance now distributed online every where including napster, Rhapsody,emusic etc, second the Heart and soul album and a third album Fire and ice to record and release late 2007

In my little time i have sold over 6,000 units with an exposure of more than over 10,000 people from all over the world with out any serious radio play,
i have been seen and heard by rich and poor
while i am on the quest to sell records digital
downloads ringtones etc .

With out a tour i have sold records to people from Canada ,venezuela, Jamaica, Belize, France, England, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Denmark, South Afirca ,Egypt , Spain , and the list goes on.

for all to hear and see i am the real deal.


I have released these singles
Boom girls: Get the Gunz: say what say what:
Dropping Science: Turn Dat up:
and a indie release The Balance Album.
The heart and soul album.

my tracks are Digitaly distributed streaming online

Set List

I want you: Scream and shout: Girl what you all about: People i got ya: who iam:
my sets are about 1 hour long