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Amoree Lovell


sci-fi, gothic, cabaret... Danny Elfman raises Edith Pilaf from the dead. They give their child, "Amorèe", a piano and a Godzilla Shogun Warrior. She pines for Yul Brenner but has been promised to Nick Cave. This makes her hostile but she hides it behind a lovely smile... it comes out in her


(Review by Bob Gaulke - The Rocket)
Recently, while waiting for one of those obligatory haven't-seen-your friends'-band-play-in-a-long-time shows to start, I saw a shy looking young woman walk onstage with a standing art-deco ashtray, trailed by two black-clad gentlemen carrying an elephant-sized electric piano coffin. She mumbled something like 'hallouw' into the mike then ripped at the electric elephant carcass like a jackal left stranded on standby in the Heartland. Hands were flying, cigarettes were burning, and a voice like Patsy Cline was working; steam rose, then, the piano seemed to melt: she cooked the beast! Joining a musical Diaspora from Nebraska, ("I grew up in South Sioux City, Nebraska and went to college in Lincoln, Nebraska - "The Place Where Dreams Stay That Way"), Amorèe Lovell has come out to Portland to duke it with indigenous basement boys for an opportunity to please and amaze the Portland, Oregon natives. Easily done, as she can play, sing, and write, very well. When asked about some of the inspirations behind songs she opined, "I'm a weird person. I like difficult relationships." On her self-released Cd Ep, The Burning Bush, Lovell takes us for a short walk into several creepy scenes of a real and imagined life. Through near death experiences ("Inch"), psychosexual insanity ("Beauty"), teen-aged angst ("Boobs"), and the struggle of an introverted character against the threats of the great hippie-stoner unwashed, ("Lament of The Designated Driver"), her music swoons. You'll have to pry a copy of the cd from her hands though; she's pretty shy about its availability.
Lovell learned to play piano by ear at the age of 4. ("My older brothers were taking lessons at the time. I worshipped them and copied them.") Her first attempts at songwriting consisted of rewriting the lyrics to her piano lessons. ("They all became love songs about Godzilla. I think my mom still has them somewhere.") She studied music theory and composition at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE but dropped the program with one semester left. ("It took me that long to realize the progam was geared towards teaching, which would have been fine, but I wanted to be the next Danny Elfman.") She started performing her original solo work in 1994. With a musical vocabulary that runs from tin-pan alley ("Those old Reader's Digest Anthologies of Song piano songbooks), to the pop of twenty years past ("New Order's 'Blue Monday' was pretty influential. Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand' and 'Loverman' hit me hard." She recalls), her sound is decidedly out of touch with the crap of the month. Years of piano lessons, boring surroundings, and a touch Burton/Elfman have helped baste a romantic outlook in the dark imaginings of flatland decay…gris-gris sans swamp.


Amorèe Lovell: Six Sadistic Songs for Children
Amorèe Lovell: The Burning Bush
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Set List

Typical set list varies between 30 minutes - 4 hours, depending on what is needed or requested.
Prefer to play 45 minutes with 15 minutes between sets.
Original material, unless otherwise requested.
Covers consist of dark standards such as "Gloomy Sunday" and "Strange Fruit", quirky pop hits such as "Peter Schilling's 'Major Tom'", and instrumental movie themes such as "The Cantina Theme from Star Wars" and "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"