Charleston, South Carolina, USA

"A breath of fresh air" Powerful, anointed, captivating singer/songwriter who hopes that through her music you will experience the very real Love of God. "I am just a vessel,I hope to reach the unreachable,show love to the unloveable.I just want to be more like Christ.."


~Music Is Ministry~
Christian/Gospel Recording Artist
You may be familiar with Amore'’ Rayne because of the numerous awards and accomplishments she’s received as an independent R&B singer/songwriter. She may be a newcomer to the Contemporary Christian Artist genre but she's no newcomer to the industry. She'’s one of the most respected independent artists in the South; not only because of her music, but also because of her heart and compassion for people. She’'s used her gift of song to encourage, enlighten and empower so many listeners. People who listen to her music often say “"there’s just something about her and her music”." What many didn’t realize is that Amore'’ vows to include God in everything that she does.
Her music has always had a purpose; that purpose is to exude love, forgiveness and joy. God has always been her foundation. From the tender age of 5 years old Amore'’ knew she was destined to be a part of the ministry of music. She always felt comfort and peace in music. She often speaks about going to church with her mom, grandmother and aunts to hear choirs sing. It was one of the highlights of her life.
She continued to grow and love music more and more. As she grew older and continued to develop a relationship with God, she soon realized that God had been tugging at her heart since a child. Eventually she was appointed Praise and Worship Leader in her home church. She soon realized that that was a life changing experience. Through each intimate experience with God, she realized just how important each and everyone are to him. From that point she vowed to do everything as unto him. Recently she decided to use her platform to enlighten he listeners even the more. She has decided that she is ready to completely, whole heartedly devote her life and gift to the Lord.

~“In Amore'’s Words”~

I know, without a shadow of a doubt that God has blessed me. By no means am I perfect. God knew even in my career in R&B that my heart has always been to serve him. I’ve always had a heart for people, for families, and for those who are broken and hurt. Through my music, I spoke to them. So now I’ve decided that it’s time to introduce my savior to them in ways that I haven'’t before. I want to tell them why I can smile in spite of; how I can walk with my head held high regardless of; how I can live, love and be happy regardless of what may be surrounding me.
I'’ve been through so many things in my life! I’'m a rape survivor as well as a domestic abuse survivor. The things that I have been through would probably leave the average person bitter and broken. But in spite of those situations, God showed me that I am a conqueror. He filled void and hurts inside me that only he could completely fill.
I want to share that experience with you. I want to serve his people and usher them into his presence. I want people to understand that he loves us in spite of. You don’t have to wait until you are perfect; he'’s willing to take you just as you are. I
promise you I had a huge “"AS IS”" sign on my forehead and God, being the unconditional, loving daddy that he is, calmly assured me that he is the only coverage I’'ll ever need. I want you to experience that joy, that peace, that love that only God can give to you. I’'m willing to show you all of my flaws, I’'m willing to speak on all of the times that I messed up so that people who aren’'t quite sure if God will love them will realize that God loves me in all of my mess he’'ll do the same for you.
The project that I am currently working on is called “"Fearless .”" It doesn'’t have a release date yet; but it will be released toward the end of 2011. It’'s so very special to me. It’'s an eclectic blend of Praise and Worship. Through this project I express to the Lord that I want less of me and more of him. This entire project is about loving on him and expressing my gratitude to him for all that he is in my life. It’s so amazing because it feels like God has allowed me to go through boot camp all of this time in preparation for all that he is about to do in my life. I have never felt so encouraged by a project. It'’s like God is hand crafting each and every song one by one. It’'s simply amazing!
My ultimate wish is that his will be done so that this project can touch the ears and hearts of all who are destined to hear it. I can’'t wait to share this experience with you. I pray that this project touches your hearts, moves your soul and invokes a deeper, intimate relationship with God. I hope you are as blessed by "“Fearless"” as I am.
I love you with the love of Jesus,
Amore’' Rayne


"Praise You" 2011
Girl Like Me-2009
"Soul Mate"-single
"My Life"-single

Gospel Performances:

Church Of The Living God Life Worship Center

Lord Of The Harvest HBCU Conference

Club Ignite

Love Of God Ministries

New Jerusalem Church

Joshua Baptist Church

Union Baptist Church

Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church

Radio Stations that have played my music are: Many Online Radio stations have been omitted

WWWZ Z93 Jamz FM

Vibe 105.1 FM The Big Station

100.1 The Beat FM

WJNI 106.3 FM Gospel

Slammin 91.9 FM Z180 Radio

Nominations, Awards and Features:

2011- Amore's nominated for "Indie R&B Artist Of The Year" for the 2010 SEA Awards Show

3/2010- Amore' Rayne nominated for "Best R&B Female Single- Soul Mate" for the Metro City Music Awards.

3/2010- Amore' Rayne Won 2010 SEA Award for "Best Indie Album Of The Year for my album Girl Like Me"

9/2009- Amore's nominated for "Indie R&B Album Of The Year" for the 2010 SEA Awards Show

9/2009- Amore's nominated for "R&B Female Artist Of The Year" for the Queen City Music Awards Show

9/2009- Amore' Rayne featured in SEA Magazine issue # 7

8/2009- Amore' Rayne Won ''Best Female R&B Artist Of The Year'' @ The CMA's Awards

7/2009-Amore' Rayne Interviewed & featured in The Post And Courier "Preview" news paper

7/2009- Amore' Rayne featured on

7/15/2009- Amore' Rayne's Sophomore album ''Girl Like Me'' released

7/2009- Amore' Rayne won "Best Female R&B Artist Of The Year'' @ The 2009 GeechieOne Awards Show

7/2009- Amore' Rayne & Marly Mar Won "Best Song Of The Year" @ The 2009 GeechieOne Awards Show

7/2009-Amore' Rayne's "Girl Like Me" Album reviewed in the SC's Post And Courier "Preview" news paper

6/2009- Amore' Rayne nominated for ''Best R&B Female Artist Of The Year'' @ 2009 SC Music Awards

4/27/2009- Amore' Rayne's New Album "Girl Like Me" released for digital downloads

4/2009- Amore' Rayne Nominated for "Best Female Artist Of The Year" @ GeecheeOne Awards Show

3/30/2009- Amore' Rayne/Blue Diamond Music Group Released the 1st single from her sophmore album titled "Show Off".

3/2009- Amore' Rayne won "Best Indie R&B Album Of The Year (Journey)" @ The Southern Ent Awards in Tunica Mississippi.

1/2009- Amore' Rayne Collaborated and co-wrote with Marly Mar on a southern hit called "Take Control". It spent countless weeks at the #1 spot on southern radio stations. It spent so many weeks at the top on Z93 Jamz that it had to be retired. It is currently in regular rotation on many stations.

12/15/2008- Amore' Rayne won the "Best Female Artist Of The Year" awards @ The Queen City Music Awards Show in Charlotte N.C.

8/2008- Amore' Rayne featured in August 2008 Edition

8/2008-Amore' featured on Indies Urban World

8/2008- Amore' featured on Jamonio Sky Box Entertainment

8/2008- Uncle D's Word On The Street Mag

8/2008- Amore' featured on

8/2008- Amore' featured on

8/2008- Indies Urban World Press Release:
I had the opportunity of interviewing this talented singer/songwriter on my radio broadcast a short while ago. It's always (for me) a very pleasant surprise and a great pleasure when I find an artist with a personality and persona equally as wonderful as their talent. I found Amore' Rayne to be just that type of artist. She's warm, engaging, open and honest...what most people that meet her (I'm sure) would call "real folks". Even though I was having obvious difficulties with the interview (equipment failure and many other things going haywire) she remained involved in the interview itself...never once did she lose focus or seem disintrested. In fact, with all the problems that I was having, she was the one that actually help me feel at ease. She's busy promoting her CD entitled "Journey", playing various venues and events. Get information (and an updated itinerary listing her appearances and tour info) from her myspace page. You can also purchase a copy of her CD from the web page. I've had the pleasure of hearing it, and, every song on this CD is one that I throughly enjoyed. It gets a high 5 stars from me...this one I highly recommend.

7/2008- Amore' Crowned Best Female R&B Artist Of The Year @ The SC Music Awards

7/2008- Comment left by fan on "Whats Your Fancee? website www.fancee.word

Set List

"Praise You"
All music on the new album "Fearless"
Cover songs occasionally