Amoriste is a band from the English countryside, delivering a blend of indie pop drawn from influences such as Blur, Athlete and Elbow. Recently signed to indie My Satellite Records, 2011 will see the band releasing three singles into the mainstream and finishing the year with a full length album.


"Anthemic indie tunes" - NME

If you combined the quintessential British flavour of Blur with the melodic indie of Athlete and Elbow, throwing in a small dose of Keane-like pop hooks along the way, you might have something close to describing what Amoriste is all about. Pigeonholing the exact genre would prove a trivial task, so let’s leave their description simply as three Essex lads (and one random Scot thrown in the mix) making contagious melodies and hooks that cater to music lovers everywhere.

To the rest of the world, the band seems to have politely wandered from their converted studio barn in the village of Nine Ashes into the bustling spotlight of London’s indie scene, almost like they took a lost turn on their way to the pub. But in reality, their travels to this point are anything but simple and sudden. The band have been honing their musical craft endlessly since 2007, working up from continual Essex pub gigs to endless UK small club tours, leading to gigs and festivals as far as Croatia and recent indie signing.

The band’s first single, The Mascot, is set for release in March 2011. The track, produced by Richard McNamara of Embrace, has already made buzz thanks to support from some unlikely sources, including Crystal Palace Football Club (supplying a unique venue for a music video) and from their ever-enthusiastic BBC commentator James Alexander Gordon.


The Mascot

Written By: Liam Tolan / Phil Cockerton

Running down the line, the costume always smiles
you live a double life, hero to zero in the change of attire.

On the inside he's dead tired, dry cleaned on the outside,
he's jumping and waving, a jester to the king.
Ce nest pas la vie, the mascot's history.

Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry

A mascot kitted out, for fame he's starting fights
They used to cheer him out, kids used to adore his routine at half time

ON the inside he's hurting, dry cleaned on the outside
He's prancing and dancing, they used to sing his name

The team'll lose you'll see
The mascot's history

Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry

Would they be lost without you and James Alexander Gordon, I know they'd be lost without you.

Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry
I would be lost without you, I would be lost without you.


THE MASCOT (SINGLE) - 28th MARCH 2010 (digital release only)




Set List

Typical set length: 30-40 minutes, though flexible.

Current songs:
The Mascot
Let's Stay Together
Halfway to Limbo
Saturday a.m.
Let's Talk
City Lights
Wembley Lines

(plus others)