Amoroso is a dynamic whirlwind, combining elements of experimental,rock,blues,roots & psychedelia, with a knack for beauty and melody, all blended with their warped minds and unique bond. The Band thrives on their electrifying live shows where they are able to bare all, and set their souls free.


Amoroso hails from Boston MA, and have been a well functioning beast since 2004. The history of the band stretches back to 1997 when Members George Welch (guitar) and Bill Sullivan (drums) started their first punk rock band. They soon crossed paths with bassist Kevin MaCdonald, and there the Pre-Amoroso animal was born.
Amoroso is a dynamamic and colorful whirlwind inspired by their passion for honest and unique music. As a foundation they borrow antiquated elements of Experimental,rock,blues,roots,psychedelia,soul,drone,etc. and expand upon it using their warped minds to guide them. Hoping to create exciting,unique,soulful musical jouney's.
The Band thrives on their passionate and electrifying live shows. This is where they are able to bare all and show off there dynamic range and telepathic sensibility, ultimaley to set their souls free.
In 2006 Amoroso entered the studio Machines With Magnets (Battles, Lightning Bolt, Clap your hands and say yea) in Providence RI, to record their fisrt album, recorded live in 2 days to 2 inch tape.
The album is now out as a s/t record and is supported by the bands efforts on the road.
Having gone through many incarnations, Amoroso is the vehicle that is truely allowing them to embark on their life long journey. This is a band THAT WILL EXCITE YOU!!!


Amoroso Has one Self-titled album out now. There are a couple of songs streaming @

Set List

Our set can range from 30 mins-1hour(we always respect set times). We keep things fairly free for interpretation but we always have gave a game plan. We dont do covers.